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What is the best programming language for app development?

What is the best programming language for app development?

What the best programming language for app development is a very subjective question, and as a rule of thumb, the answer is whichever programming language the app developer is the most comfortable with. However, as cream rises to the top, so do the best frameworks and languages. We’ve collected our favourites below:

Objective-C & Xcode

Still, there are some languages that are objectively better or worse than others. Based on the old and extremely respected coding language CObjective-C is the default programming language for Apple’s iOS that is used on iPhones all over the world.

This is also the language that Apple officially recommends iOS developers to use in combination with their development IDE called Xcode, and it’s an actively supported language in terms of community support and official updates.

Swift & Vapor

As with all technology, new innovations enter into our lives on a daily basis, and other languages for iOS include Swift and Vapor that allows developers quicker development routines with the same results.

This latest hyper-modern combination is made for speed and built with love. Never before has it been so easy to publish an app once it has been written. Heroku for instance, is one of the reasons Vapor has been one of the hottest GitHub projects in 2016 and 2017.

Okay, so now we know which languages are used to develop iOS apps. But what languages are used for Android apps?

C++ & Java

For AndroidC++ is one of the most popular languages, together with Java. C++ first appeared in the early 1980s, and Java is actually heavily influenced by C++. But where C++ was created with the intention to mainly run on desktop computers at a very low level, Java was designed to run on all sorts of machines and was introduced in the mid-1990s.

So both languages have a significant history to them, meaning that all major bugs and flaws have long since been removed and fixed, making both ideal choices for a serious application for both hobby projects, as well as large enterprise solutions.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS

JavaScript also deserves a mention together with HTML5 and CSS. This holy trinity have, for many years, been a web developer’s main tools of the trade, and today it’s possible to create entire mobile apps with this golden combination.

The advantages of developing in these languages are plentiful, but the main reason developers choose this stack is probably due to the fact that many web developers are branching over into app development, and these are the languages they’re already familiar with.

With the latest versions of HTML5, it’s even possible to tap into some of the features that were previously out of reach for non-native languages, so now using just HTML5 and JS we can use the fingerprint scanner in apps without having to write more than a few lines of code.


The last language on our list is also one of the newest. This popular runtime is built using languages we’ve already covered, namely C, C++ and JavaScript. And while JavaScript is a client-side language, Node.js can do both frontend and backend tasks with great ease and performance.

What’s interesting about Node.js however, is that many people feel it combines the best of these three languages, while being built for modern use cases the lightweight approach makes the language a preferred system to use when developing for speed, efficiency and scalability.

As a server-side runtime script, Node.js is one of the more secure ones as well and is a popular choice for both games, web apps and larger websites. Tons of third-party modules are available, and a great number of various services for easy launch and deployment exist as well.


While there are hundreds of languages out there available for the adventurous app developer, the ones described above are by far the most used and recognized languages out there.

And as always with any type of programming, while there are fresher and more trending languages out there, the best language is usually the one you know the best.

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