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Nodes Is Hiring: Experienced iOS Developer to join our awesome team

We are looking for a kick-ass developer to join our awesome team in Copenhagen. You’ll be developing some of the most ambitious apps on the Danish market for both our Danish and international customers, as well as contributing to the internal frameworks that makes our fast development cycle possible. We’re developing and maintaining a high […]

The 6 Best Mobile Events in London

The London Tech scene is booming with meetups and events. We made a short list with events and meetups that are valuable for people interested in the mobile industry and app development. 1. Mobile Insights The mobile insights masterclass by lets be brief in collaboration with Kirsty Styles will be a good place to get […]

The Beacon Dictionary

Beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and iBeacon technology are just some of the terms that are popping up across the Internet in recent weeks. The technology has great potential for Museums, Stadiums and other location-based experiences. However, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the articles because of the new terms. That is why we […]

List of the 9 biggest Beacon manufacturers

List of the 9 biggest Beacon manufacturers

The number of beacon manufacturers is increasing rapidly. We have gathered a list of the 9 biggest manufacturers that you need to consider if you are planning a Beacon based app development project. All the hardware manufacturers are 3rd parties and this is important to keep in mind. Because Apple recently announced that manufacturers will [...]
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