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Creating experiences not services

Digital CX

Winning through exceeding expectations. Leveraging digital technologies to offer personalised multi-channel interaction with customers, to create better customer experiences and outcomes. Here are some reasons why you need to transform your customer experience.

New customer mindsets
have emerged

The BFSI sector must be empathetic, reassuring, personal and allow for self-service during this uncertain time.

Mobile first is the
wave of the present

1.7 billion people remain unbanked, leaving 1.8 billion people that own a smartphone but do not use a credit or debit card.

Digital payments ahead of
paper money

We’ll see an increase in people using both contactless e-payments and credit cards, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Connectivity between
financial institutions

The next generation of financial apps will be arriving with Visa acquisitions of Plaid (Open Banking as a Service).

Digital channels challenge traditional FinServ brands

50% of people aged 25-34 would consider
swapping to GAFA* banking provider.

Source: iE Digital. *GAFA = Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon.

Digital CX pains and gains within BFSI


Fintechs disrupt and deliver best-in-class CX
Lack of strategies to act fast in emergencies, meet changing customer needs and transform customer pains into business opportunities and achieve competitive advantage.

Legacy experience enablers
Legacy systems, organisational culture, and the transformation of retail banking experience pose hurdles and slow down progress.

Disconnected Experiences
Brand experience is fragmented within the existing platforms, this is augmented with the use of third parties and partnerships, and the challenge that customers are not loyal to the brand platform.


Launch ventures, and new business solutions
Accelerator programs leverage on customer insights, create opportunities to rise against fintech startups and make institutions more resilient and better prepared for change.

Drive customer loyalty and enhance the brand
Optimise/redesign legacy systems around an omnichannel experience, as well as find opportunities to maximize banking retail spaces will extend and grow the brand experience.

Reduce costs and better serve clients
Integrated services can reduce costs and help with your customer experience. Acquire more customers and create amore seamless cross-sell experience with existing customers.

Our approach to CX: Defining a blueprint of value-driven opportunities

It is not enough to have user research and customer journey. You need to transform these into tangible solutions.

Development 2x - BFSI - CX Landing Page

Accelerated design and development

Accelerating innovation and experimentation of new products and services for internal teams and customers. Leverage our experience working with startups and helping them scale.

Roadmap 2x - BFSI - CX Landing Page

Experience architecture roadmap

By understanding the customer journey, and how that is impacted by your employees, we re-architect and rethink existing touchpoints of a brands digital and physical (retail banking) experiences.

Planning 2x - BFSI - CX Landing Page

Integrated ecosystem planning and definition

Research and define how your customers experience your brand cross-products and outside your platforms to help define an integrated holistic strategy.

Talk to our experts today, they are here to help.

“Think ecosystems, and architect solutions that scale and drive value to your customers, and your business.”

Sandra Davila, Executive Creative Director, Head of Experience Design, Fuzz | Americas

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