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Increase Digital ROI

Product Management

We help our clients increase ROI and reduce wastage in digital products by balancing the needs of the user, technology and the business throughout the product lifecycle. Our unique product strategy method empowers product teams to make better choices during product discovery and delivery so that they can leapfrog the competition. Our experience includes enterprises in the BFSI sector and we bring our experience together to reboot and strengthen products and product teams. Here are some of the key Issues that BFSI Product Management Teams encounter, that we can help you overcome:

Integrating with focus
Increased opportunities for integration can accelerate innovation, but can also create a lack of focus in the product

Chasing disruption

Disruptors are forcing the need for more efficient and faster product discovery processes in established products

Looking outside industry
BFSI product teams are usually highly experienced in-industry, but can lack external perspectives to drive innovation

Product Management pains and gains for BFSI


Finding a north star
In complex products, ideas can easily get diluted because decision making with so many stakeholders is really difficult.

Feeling pressure for delivery
Chasing disruptors can lead to prioritising outputs over outcomes. When deadlines drive products, wastage is inevitable.

Keeping pace with disruptors
Teams are not setup to innovate and move quickly. Product managers need more support from the business.


Make better decisions
A clear product strategy enables effective decision making, enables greater innovation and motivates a team.

Disrupt yourself
Improve ability in product discovery to pivot quickly and get ahead whilst competitors are still napping.

Unlock potential
A company with a ‘product management mindset’ is better at solving problems and working together to learn and iterate.

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“In software development, if you put rubbish in, you get rubbish out. Effective Product Management is a filter. It only allows ideas that you can prove are valuable onto the roadmap. This means an increased ROI on digital and less wastage.”

Luke Gallimore, Head of Product Management EMEA

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