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Entering the Chinese Market

Market Access Strategy and Localisation Service

Market Access Solution
Whether your business is oriented towards the B2B or B2C market, we will support it in entering China as efficiently as possible. The only thing you need to do is to focus on your core business, and we provide the strategies, operations, IT management and Sales and Marketing.

Product Localisation
Scale your B2C business. We transform your digital product to a localised one, or develop a brand new one to match the needs of the Chinese users. We usually start the process with the UX research based on the business model, then we build the agile IT-architecture corresponding to the local characteristics. Finally we deliver the product in the highest possible quality.

6 Challenges Clients Face when Entering China

A High-context Culture

China is culturally very different from Western countries in terms of interpersonal communication and the establishment of in-depth relationships. So being able to establish a solid partnership across different cultural backgrounds is crucial for development in China.

Different Business Environment

China is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, and this has lead to increasing customer needs and commercial opportunities. At the same time, foreign companies faces rules and barriers when entering the market, therefore it is crucial to know the business environment in depth.

Domestic Regional Differentiation

The Chinese market is separated into 4 economic areas, that are also at different economic development levels and have regional cultural characteristics. As such, knowing the characteristics of the regions is important to be successful in the market.

Diversity of digital expression

The most distinctive feature of the development of China's digital market is that is growing exponentially and the diversity of users. The number of Chinese netizens will reach 1.1 billion in 2020. These will come from different regional markets and have different user needs.

Different user preferences

No matter what category your digital product belongs to, one of the keys to success is being preferred by your users. In terms of design and interaction, Chinese products and user habits are very different from those of Western users’.

Different technical rules and requirements

When foreign companies launch their digital products in China, building a Chinese IT structure is top priority. You need to have a team of experts within Chinese technology and IT, whom can choose a stable server and the right technical solutions.

Market Access Solution

Focus On
your Core Business

To speeden up the process of entering the Chinese market, we help our clients establish the action plans by consulting and developing business strategies, processes for digital transformation, IT, being the client’s spokespeople, constructing local teams etc. 

Model 63.00 Outline - China Market Access and Localisation Services

Solution Partners
and Offerings

In addition to consulting on your go-to-market strategy and plan, we also collaborate with partners that provide the below. This means that we are available and can support the client every step of the way.

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Talk to our experts today, they are here to help.

“The Chinese market is relatively closed, highly digitalized, but with a huge potential. Since 2010, we have collaborated with global clients supporting them in entering the market. In our experience there are three keys to success: 1)China business mindset 2) Efficient digitalization 3) Trusted local partners.”

Anthea Zhang, CEO, Monstar Lab China

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