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Optimize digital experiences

Improve the quality of customer experiences and boost results

Customers reveal valuable data with every digital interaction. Digital experience optimization is the practice of listening digitally and engaging relevantly with customers in realtime to improve outcomes.


Blog Posts

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Rethinking Personalization Measurement

Defining how you’ll measure personalization effectiveness is actually a great place to start when figuring out your overall personalization strategy.

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Personalization Tactics to Increase AOV

How can online retailers provide personalized experiences that help drive increased customer satisfaction and increased average order value?

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Sitecore Personalization Guide

Interactive guide to help marketers understand the most effective personalization rules in Sitecore 9.

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Sitecore List Manager Guide

Interactive Guide to help marketer use the powerful list segmentation rules in Sitecore 9.

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What is Digital Experience Optimization?

Listening to your customers digitally. Then dynamically engaging relevantly. In real-time. Lifting conversion rates throughout the customer journey. That’s Digital Experience Optimization.

It can be as simple and effective as personalizing inbound website traffic based on your paid advertising initiatives. Boosting ROI. Increasing the quality of customer experiences.

Digital Experience Optimization often combines a number of capabilities – especially data-driven personalization. The key is to find the right combination based on digitally maturing. And grow by optimizing conversion continuously.

Talk to our experts today. They are here to help.

“Every interaction from every customer equates to data that has an increasing business value. Leading-edge organizations leverage digital-experience data to differentiate and grow their brands.”

Chris Nash, Director of Digital Experience Optimization

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