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Are you open for
eLearning & digital tools in your business?

Even before COVID-19 hit, tech-savvy companies used eLearning and digital tools to optimize workflows, increase sales and educate employees and partners.

Today, it’s become more critical than ever for businesses across the board to prioritize digital tools, so they can keep reskilling and upskilling stakeholders and unlock growth during and after this crisis.

At Nodes, we digitize everything analog

Together with our clients, we accelerate growth by unlocking the capabilities needed to realize digital aspirations.

Step into the future of corporate learning

eLearning will transform how you upskill, reskill and cross skill employees in the future. With an annual growth rate of 15 %, eLearning will define your future workplace. 

Digitize your learning-based programs

Digitize your physical learning content and make learning more convenient, engaging and effective. Leave paper, brochures and classrooms behind. It’s good for business, your employees, and the environment.

Enable your digital workforce

For eLearning to work, you need to have a workforce with digital capabilities. Together, we identify how to educate and implement customized eLearning for both young and experienced employees.

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Is eLearning relevant for you?

Well, we can’t tell you that, yet. But results from leading companies using eLearning might give you a few tangible ideas.

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eLearning takes

40-60% less of employees’ time than traditional learning

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Companies see

42% increased revenue after implementing eLearning

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Companies also see

18% increase in employee engagement

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Companies save up to

60% of total training costs when cutting traveling expenses

Still interested? Our process is proven and repeatable

We start by listening, observing and researching your people and processes to formulate a clear understanding of your needs and opportunities. We provide you with the necessary documentation – not only to imagine your vision – but to set a goal with concrete actions to achieve success. Once we’ve developed the first prototype, we test and iterate until we have your vision written neatly in code line by line.

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Need some time to think? Take as long as you need

And have a look through the online training academies we’ve built to drive better business results.

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Planning to go digital? Stay up to date on corporate eLearning

Get the latest insights from our experts on corporate eLearning. Read our white papers and articles to get our thoughts, analyses and findings.

employee apps  cover - Corporate eLearning

Employee apps 2020

According to a survey from 2020, more than ⅓ of employees are actively looking for a new job and only 19 % consider themselves “very engaged” when working. Recognising these challenges, we explore how employee apps can help businesses to attract talent, improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

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30 key eLearning statistics

With the global market growing at a rate of 900% since its inception, eLearning continues to show much promise and growth across different parts of the globe. To further understand this trend and where it’s taking corporate learning, we take a look at 30 key statistics on online learning and development.

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syed hussaini MdyOQKd89ao unsplash scaled - Corporate eLearning

Six high-impact eLearning trends

In the face of COVID-19, an acute need for virtual learning environments is forcing many companies to take giant digital leaps forward. The companies who are most succesful with their eLearning are leveraging a number of trends that engage and empower their remote workforce and drive performance.

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Corporate eLearning catalogue

Successful businesses from various industries effectively cut training costs, improved employee performance, and optimized overall learning and development by switching to eLearning. In this catalogue, you’ll find a number of best practice eLearning cases.

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