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CTO Seminar Series | Episode 1 – Mittu Sridhara

CTO Seminar Series | Episode 1 – Mittu Sridhara

This series aims to bring you some answers to the most frequently asked questions when talking about digital change.

Hear from some of the top CTO’s from across the globe, and see how they have tackled digital problems in some of the worlds most exciting companies.

Episode one of the CTO series.

We chat to Mittu Sridhara, the CTO of Careem. Careem has been the news recently due to the takeover by Uber, Careem has continued to deliver industry-leading services in the Middle East. We asked Mittu his thoughts on digital transformation and how businesses need to tackle the challenge.

We start by asking three questions that we always get asked when talking about digital transformation:

  1. Should you build or buy your technology?
  2. How can you lead change or transformation projects in your business?
  3. How do you start your transformation journey?


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