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Stunning design based on deep technological understanding

Design & User Experience

Our user-centric design thinking approach enables us to create true valuable user experiences. However our deep technical knowledge is what ensures the success of the project by making sure that our design is not just visually appealing but also technical feasible.


Design Strategy

Design Sprints
Concept Development
KPI Goal Orientation
Competitor Analysis
Design Systems
Service Design


User Experience

Quantitative and Qualitative Research
User Personas
Journey Mapping
User Flows
User Stories
System Flowcharts
Information Architecture
Human Computer Interaction


Interaction Design

User Interface Design
Content Design
Illustration & Iconography
Motion Design
User Acceptance Testing
A/B Testing

Graphic Design 1 - Design a stunning digital experience – Design, UI & User experience

An agile & user-centric approach to ensure your product will be loved

The design and UX philosophy we follow is user-centric. We believe that outstanding design not only makes you look beautiful online but also creates intuitive user experiences. This ensures our solutions are easy to use and fosters repeat usage.

Our process is centred around an agile methodology with a focus on providing you full transparency and fast progress. This is why everything is done in-house by our experienced designers.

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“We believe thorough research, data analysis and user journey mapping creates a strong platform for great design.”

Niels Truong

Look into our design thinking

Our team of designers is a creative and experienced bunch that knows their way around the design world. Get a sneak peek into their world, read a blog post or test a free design tool.

Artboard - Design a stunning digital experience – Design, UI & User experience

5 App Design Tools – Nodes Design Stack 2018

Design is not as subjective as you might think. Sure, different colours and shapes, forms and structures speak to us in different ways. But design is so much more than just aesthetics.

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app icon blog - Design a stunning digital experience – Design, UI & User experience

Sketch tool: Create, Test & Export your icon

Designing app icons can be quite time-consuming. Especially when you have to adjust the design to the many iOS and Android icon sizes used in various places i.e. in the different app stores. Our designer Søren has developed an intelligent template that speeds up the process and it is free for you to use.

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online shopping smartphone app - Design a stunning digital experience – Design, UI & User experience

How accessibility will influence your app development

15 percent of people using digital platforms have some form of disability that inhibits their digital behaviour and thereby creates another use patterns. The term accessibility may not be part of the agenda when developing apps, but it should be.

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