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Create connected customer experiences

With mobile apps playing an increasingly dominate role in customer experience, brands are looking for new ways to connect app experiences with web, mobile web and other digital channels. In this presentation, Sitecore experts Chris Nash and Morten Ljungberg share strategic advice and inspirational tips to help get started with combining Sitecore with apps.

Join us in this webinar and learn:

  • How to create a business case for combining Sitecore and apps
  • How to establish a technical solution architecture for combining Sitecore 9 and apps
  • How to approach app and Sitecore tracking in a common framework
  • How data from Sitecore Experience Database can be used to create personalized experiences in apps

Meet the presenters

Chris Nash img 150x150 - Webinar - Create connected customer experiences

Chris Nash
Director of Digital Experience Strategy

Morten Ljungberg img 150x150 - Webinar - Create connected customer experiences

Morten Ljungberg
Sitecore Consultant

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