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London 13th June 2018
Manchester 14th June 2018


In recent years, many of the largest companies have set up ‘Innovation Labs’ with the aim to create and drive innovation from within their own organisations.  When new devices are launched, a way of working is implemented or even an idea is discussed companies allow themselves time to see how this new product, system or idea will impact the future.

By having an innovation first mindset, and the ability to challenge and discuss new technologies companies can help future proof their businesses.

Questions like: How will VR and AR impact the education sector, or how will voice change my user journey can all be discussed in the relative safety of an innovation lab.

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Speakers & programme


9.00am – 9.20am
An Introduction to Enterprise Innovation (London & Manchester)

Jonathan Boakes, Managing Director
The event is kicked-off by Jonathan Boakes, who will give you an introduction to Nodes. Jonathan is the Managing Director at Nodes UK and he has been working with mobile strategy and development for the last 10 years. He has worked with high street banks, energy companies and most recently Hiscox, Abellio, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The Saudi Arabian Government to name a few.

9.20am – 09.40am
Everything as a Service – Taking IT Organisational Design to the Next Level (London)

Heather Utech, CTO at DMG Media
We have all heard about Software as a Service but just imagine you could have an IT organisation that allowed everything to be ‘on demand’, even people. Heather discusses how to implement Technology as a Business Service, harnessing creative organisational design and utilisation of great supplier partnerships.

9:40am – 10:00am
Exploring the Latest Digital Innovations That Will Shape Tomorrow (London & Manchester)

Ruben Horbach, Disruptive Innovation Evangelist
Ruben explores disruptive innovations with a core focus on Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Interface, Mobile and the Internet of Things. Technology is evolving fast and growing exponentially at rates we can’t even imagine. Therefore, Ruben will take you on an incredible journey where he explains the latest innovations and the impact they will have in society today and tomorrow.
Paul Wilshaw

10:00am – 10:20am
Creator of chaos – bringing different perspectives to technology and challenging the norm – exploring future mediums their ethics and possible implementations. (Manchester)

Paul Wilshaw, Head of Innovation at Barclays UK
I’m part innovator, part customer experience designer, part technology evangelist and part-time science communicator. I’ve had a varied career from architecture then via a rock band to lecturing and ending up working in FinTech. I worked on the 90-day development of Barclays Pingit, then expanded in Barclays Mobile Banking and Barclaycard. I left to start-up a food tech company and got tempted back by 3D printing and the excellent Eagle Labs network.
No day is the same from animating to zipping things through legal (a bit of a cheat on the A-Z – sorry).
Hanna Greenfield

10:20am – 10:40am
Our journey from innovation in a glass box to crowdsourcing ideas

Hanna Greenfield, Emergent Technology Manager
Hanna will be discussing how she and her team are building a culture of innovation at Avios; “Our journey from innovation in a glass box to crowdsourcing ideas.”
Hanna is passionate about digital transformation and innovation and the culture organisations need to foster to have the ability to transform. From working in marketing, change management and emergent technology she has 15 years’ experience in various sectors including aviation, loyalty, software solutions, and financial sector.

The 3 key take aways

Industry insights

What experiences have the leading British companies been doing with self-disruption and innovation labs?

Best practices

Which innovation processes are best suited to digital and what skills should be present?

Latest trends

How do you get the super tanker and speedboat (innovation lab) to play effectively together?

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When & where
(London Event)

Address: 174 N Gower St, London NW1 2NB
Date: 13th June 2018
Time: 9.00am – 10.30am
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When & where
(Manchester Event)

Address: WeWork,1 St Peter’s Square,
Manchester M2 3AE
Date: 14th June 2018
Time: 9.00am – 10.30am

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