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London 7th March 2018
Manchester 8th March 2018


At this event, our first of 2018, our industry experts will review how the transport & logistics space is being changed by mobile devices and apps. We will explore best practices, case studies and the most common mistakes companies make when adopting a mobile first environment.

By the end of the event you will leave with a much clearer understanding of how mobile is changing the transport and logistics landscape and have the opportunity to ask our experts any questions that you might have.

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The 3 key take aways

Industry insights

Discover how the top transport and logistics companies are approaching mobile development

Best practices

Learn how to innovate, build and develop your apps quickly and efficiently from our team of experts

Latest trends

Get the latest mobile and app trends from our team of digital strategy experts

Speakers & programme


9.00am – 9.20am

Jonathan Boakes, Managing Director
The event is kicked-off by Jonathan Boakes, who will give you an introduction to the topic of the event. Jonathan is the Managing Director at Nodes UK and he has been working with mobile strategy and development for the last 10 years. He has worked with high street banks, energy companies and most recently Hiscox, Abellio, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The Saudi Arabian Government to name a few.

9.20am – 09.40am
Using Lean & Agile to drive digital transformation at DFDS (London)

Declan Walsh, Director Business Development & Strategy at DFDS
Declan Walsh is Director Business Development & Strategy at DFDS, where he is driving the digital transformation for the passenger business. Declan Walsh has been with the company for 8 years and has experienced the digital transformation from the inside of one of the worlds largest transportation and logistics companies.
Declan will explore examples of how DFDS have used MVP to accelerate delivery time and improve quality, how Hackathons have been used to build team spirit and deliver step-changes in capability, and how innovation process has created fundamentally new ideas that could be tested at far lower cost than ever before.

9:20am – 09:40am
Uber: The future of urban mobility (Manchester)

Neil McGonigle, Head of Cities, Uber
Uber has had a significant impact on the way people move around cities, both here in the UK and in over 70 other countries around the world. Neil McGonigle, Uber’s Head of Cities across the North of England, will talk about the journey Uber has been on over the last 9 years – from a simple idea spawned on the way home from a tech conference in Paris to a company with a $70bn valuation facilitating 15m trips around the world every day. He will also present Uber’s vision for the future of urban mobility, looking at how Uber can help our cities tackle some of the most pressing challenges that confront them.
CT_Audi UK

09:40am – 10:00am
Audi: A ‘Vorsprung’ View of the Future (Manchester)

Charlotte Twigg, Future Mobility Programmes Manager, Audi UK
Audi are synonymous with ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ or advancement through technology. In 2018, the brand is living up to this more than ever with an expanding range of electric and hybrid vehicles and some huge strides being made in the world of mobility. Charlotte Twigg, Future Mobility Programmes Manager at Audi, will be speaking about “a mobility concept called Audi on demand” which was launched in the UK last year.

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