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Innovation can be a difficult exercise in an established setup, where heavy processes slow down good ideas. That is why leading companies are turning towards new innovation methods, and now is your chance to get to know these methods and learn from companies that have used them.   

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London the 13th July from 9am-12pm

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9:00 AM - Jonathan Boakes

Hywel Sloman is the CIO of Arsenal FC. In his presentation he will share his learnings from several mobile innovation projects at Arsenal FC. He has been IT Director at Arsenal Football Club since February 2011, and he is responsible for nearly all technology for the Club. This includes football operations, fan services, ticketing, retail, CRM, stadium management, hospitality management and club-wide functions.

Mobile innovation in large enterprises. How to make app ideas come alive in 5 days.

Learnings from mobile innovation at one of Europe's largest football clubs

Programme & Speakers

9:15 AM - Hywel Sloman

10:15 AM - Aaron Bourne


Combining state of the art showers and digital innovation

The event is kicked-off by Jonathan Boakes, who will give you an introduction to the topic of the event. Jonathan is the Managing Director at Nodes UK and he has been working with mobile strategy and development for the last 10 years. He has worked with high street banks, energy companies and most recently Hiscox, Abellio, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The Saudi Arabian Government to name a few.

In 2001, Aqualisa designed and patented the first digital shower. Since then, several digital showers have been introduced to the market. Since 2011, Aaron has been part of the design team, and among his responsibilities is to push digital innovation at the world famous shower brand, Aqualisa. In the presentation Aaron talks about building solid UX in digital innovation projects.

11:00 AM - Niels Truong

Large enterprises often ask external partners to assist and facilitate their venture into the digital space with new business models and services. The primary reason for that is that innovation can be a difficult exercise in an established setup with a strong culture. In this presentation Niels will share some of the hands-on experiences with digital transformation processes that he has had within the last couple of years. Niels has been working at Nodes since 2012 where he is Head of UX & Design.

"Innovation can be a difficult exercise in an established setup. At the event we will share pitfalls and upsides of existing innovation methods"
- Niels Truong, Head of UX & Design

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