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Nodes 5 day Sprint - Five day sprint

Five Day Sprint

Challenge your company’s problems and have a validated solution in five days

Build the right solution that increases both user value and business profit in five days.

Time to market is crucial, especially with digital products. The Five Day Sprint is a condensed process for answering critical business questions through ideation, design, prototyping, and testing ideas with final users and customers; in short, a way to solve problems quickly.

We look forward to engaging in this intense co-creation process with you!.

Nodes facilitate the entire process from start to finish so you can focus on the ideas and the product. In just a few coffee fuelled days we will have found a solution to your problem, discussed the value for your business and built a functioning prototype.

Nodes will bring in-house experts from Strategy, UX, Design and Development to ensure you get the best result from your Five Day Sprint.

Download our Five Day Sprint overview

This presentation serves as a brief introduction into what a Five Day Sprint with Nodes would look like. You will find what to expect in terms of time, budget and process.

The 5 Day Sprint will give you

A structured process within the Design Thinking toolbox to reach a solution to your business critical problem in five days.


A common understanding of the critical problem.


A clear understanding of your business goal and how to reach it.

A prototype of the most critical part of the solution.



Feedback on the prototype from real users.


A proposal on how to proceed with the project after the sprint and the required budget.

Fujitsu partners with Nodes for five day sprint

“I’m literally flabbergasted with the progress you guys have made in so little time!”

We worked with Fujitsu to facilitate a five day sprint around assistive technology. The sprint helped Fujitsu understand the on-boarding process of new starters, and gave them a number of ways to better that first experience.

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Fujitsu Case - Five day sprint
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