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Are you joining us this year for Hacktoberfest?

Are you joining us this year for Hacktoberfest?

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What is Hactoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is an annual event run by Digital Ocean (this year partnered with DEV) which focuses on open source by encouraging people to participate and contribute to open source software. Everyone is welcome and if you manage to do four pull requests during October you might win a t-shirt. On top of that, a lot of events focused on open source will take place all over the world during Hacktoberfest.

Who is it relevant for?

Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in the event whether you’re a company, a student or a full time developer.

How does one attend?

To quality for a t-shirt you can sign up at using your GitHub profile during October and start creating your pull requests. The first 50k users will receive a t-shirt and to increase your chances of getting a t-shirt we encourage you to start as early as possible. To participate in the events taking place during the month, there will be individual ways of signing up depending on the organizers of the events.

Where does it take place?

Hacktoberfest runs throughout October, meaning from 1st to October 31st and is mainly an online event, but there are local Hacktoberfest events all over the world.

How is Nodes involved in Hacktoberfest?

This year we’re hosting multiple events during Hacktoberfest across some of our offices. These events will all give an introduction to open source and we’re trying to find people from the community to come and speak about some of the open source work they have done. There will of course also be pizzas and drinks and time to talk with people from the community.

Why is Nodes a part of Hacktoberfest?

Nodes uses, contributes and maintains open source software every single day and because of that this community is very important to use. This is our first year of organizing Hacktoberfest events and we look forward to participate and to meet people in the community.

Where does the Nodes Hacktoberfest events take place?

We have events lined up across 5 of our offices:

Everyone is welcome to our events no matter what technologies you’re working with and we encourage people to go to our Meetup pages and sign up if you are interested.

What will anyone attending the Nodes events take with them from the event?

At the very least they’ll meet people from the community who share an interest in the open source community, but for the ones new in this space, we will have talks about what open source is and how you get involved. Hopefully our guest speakers will help inspire people to get more involved in open source as well.

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