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How to be the best UX team in the world

User experience has moved from being the hottest buzzword to being a true discipline in digital design and app development. It is not just ‘old wine in new bottles’, but a perspective that helps you to focus on the user interaction rather than solely focusing on products and problems.

UX is associated with a broad range of fuzzy and dynamic concepts, which makes it impossible to define in one sentence. This leads to a lot of confusion about how to embrace the holistic aspect of UX and how to create an efficient, deliverable team. We gathered our best tips on being the ultimate UX team, so you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

Embrace Diversity

As mentioned, UX is a dynamic field and holds a wide range of qualities. A way of approaching this is to consider it a strong force instead of an insurmountable obstacle. The UX team should reflect and embrace this by being a mix of people with different skills and knowledge of areas related to UX in a cross-functional team.

In Nodes, we gathered a team containing engineers, UI designers, business innovators, digital designers, service designers and co-creation facilitators. All these diverse skills within the aspect of UX means we have a team of different specialists with great understanding of each other’s primary roles.

Try to avoid combining too many responsibilities in one such as having one designer both doing UI and UX. Of course, the two areas can overlap, but each role deserves a specialist.

Create Team Mantras

The first assignment as a team should be to make common goals and match expectations within the team. Your team’s work should be dedicated to giving the user the best possible experience when using an app, website or service. But this is not a very specific and defined goal and can be understood in several ways.

To be more concrete it is a great idea to have mantras or using models (like the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting technique). This helps every member of the team to work on the same track in all projects.

Love Your Neighbor

One of Nodes main superpowers is the fact that all employees work side by side and in the same workspace. We love teamwork and believe in all the lovely synergy and efficiency effects it may have during the design process.

By communicating ideas, problems or possibilities e.g. the developers sitting right next to you, you get a better idea of what is feasible and what is too time-consuming. This is a great way to risk analyse and overcome issues before they even arise and a major time saver.

Test, Test, Test And Then Test Again!

If you want a great experience for users, you need to test your product – and you need to do it in different stages. The goal with testing in different stages is to always be aware of how the user interacts with the product and is the key to reveal problems or concerns.

A common misconception is that testing is expensive, but it doesn’t need to be at great expense. With today’s testing, tools and recruiting options it is a much easier procedure. Furthermore, the alternative is what is really expensive – using development resources to build a product and then discover several problems after launch is just a waste of lines of code.

Great Design Is Never Done

The notion that you are finished with a product after launch is a fatal misconception. Great design and app development requires ongoing refinements, iteration and frequent user feedback. The UX team should keep making the product better and optimize the user experience after it has been shipped to the market. People change and technology is evolving all the time, thus should UX practitioners always keep up on trends and be curious on the subject.

All these good tips are nothing without one to manage and empower: having a focus on overall quality requires a good team lead that ensures the team is on the same track all the time.

It is possible to down- and up-scale these parameters depending on the enterprise size, but the basis for ensuring a great user experience stays the same. By working together and putting the user in the centre of the design process, you have the best conditions for a great UX team.

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