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Build an agile architecture

IT Solutions Architecture

How will IT infrastructure, Tech stack and development processes cope with the future? Talk to a solutions architect to ensure that all components match the development and goals of the business.

In depth

Technical Assessment

Tech stack review
Technical infrastructure mapping
Development processes
Documentation level
Team setup analysis
Code review
Business goals vs. IT


Technical Solution Strategy

System and infrastructure diagrams
Service research
API reviews
API contracts
Data interface mapping
E/R diagrams
Distribution strategy
Hosting setup
Design patterns & code quality

Graphic Architecture v2 - Build an agile architecture – IT Solutions Architecture

Scale your business with an agile IT architecture

Nodes has dedicated Solution Architects that takes a deep dive into your IT infrastructure, Tech stack, development process and other key areas. During the process we get a 360 understanding of everything related to your project. A foundation that can help you make decisions where technology goes hand in hand with the overall business goals of your company.

At Nodes we work with two different ways of doing Solution Architecture. One for new projects that will ensure that all components can match the development and the business goals. And secondly for clients looking to get consulting and sparing on their existing IT setup and projects. The tasks carried out doing the initial work for the Solution architect will depend on what the desired end goal for the projects are.

Talk to our experts, they are here to help.

“We believe that building software needs the right foundation, that’s why we strive to understand the complexity of the underlying systems and infrastructure to ensure that the development and the interface supports your business goals.”

Casper Rasmussen

Stay up to date on Enterprise Tech and Architecture

Get the latest insights from the world of tech. Read our tech blog, where our passionate developers and architects share their thoughts, tests and findings.

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How To Get Started With The Vapor 3 Framework

Vapor has been our go-to framework when we develop backend solutions at Nodes since January 2017. A lot has happened during the past year, especially when we saw Vapor 2 got released back in May. Read more here

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websummit - Build an agile architecture – IT Solutions Architecture

Augmented reality is here to disrupt the industry: Insights from Web Summit 2018

It has been two weeks since Web Summit took place in Lisbon, Portugal and we can still feel the energetic vibes. 3 days full of inspirational speakers, current tech trends, coffee astronauts, robots, diversity in tech and much more.

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Swift Alps

Swift Alps – as the name might imply – is a conference revolving around anything Swift related. As the name might also imply, the conference takes place in the Swiss Alps, in Crans-Montana more specifically.

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