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Maximise the value of your data

Machine Learning

At Nodes, we are dedicated to develop awesome digital solutions. This includes end-to-end machine learning, computer vision and automation. We help you collect the data, train the algorithm and build the backend you need to solve business critical problems or enhance the experience of existing products.

Solution space


Churn prediction
Customer segmentation


Image analysis

Object recognition
Outlier detection


Natural language processing

Email routing
Information retrieval

How we work with machine learning


Opportunity mapping
Data verification



Machine learning as a service
Microservice oriented design
Monitoring and retraining


Helping you get started

Machine learning ready architecture
Vendor selection
(Azure, Amazon, Google, etc)
Hardware and computation requirements


We offer much more than we can mention on this page alone

Model 04.07 - Deliver business critical results – Machine Learning

Machine learning is already changing the digital landscape as we know it

The device you are reading this text with is probably running several machine learning algorithms right now. From providing quality search results to optimising the wifi signal, machine learning is already widespread in modern digital products.

At Nodes we think that machine learning should be an integral part of any state-of-the-art digital solution. We design our products to accommodate a modern take on data collection and storage from the beginning. This means that machine learning will be just another microservice that we build to make your product awesome to use.

Talk to our experts today, they are here to help.

“Nodes has been developing and delivering cutting-edge applications for over ten years. With our experienced team we are in a unique position to set the bar for how machine learning is integrated in modern applications.”

Tobias Morville, Head of Machine Learning

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