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Q&A With the new NL Engagement Director  – Cem Yildiz

Q&A With the new NL Engagement Director – Cem Yildiz

Why did you decide to join Nodes?

First of all I looked forward to working in a different setting with more room for pioneering, growth and entrepreneurship after working at a large agency previously. Secondly, my passion for mobile tech and apps and seeing the great work done already by Nodes also played a role. Lastly, the conversations I had with the management convinced me that this was a great company and made me decide to make the move.

What role will you take on at Nodes?

As Engagement Director my role is to upscale the business and fuel growth in the Netherlands. I will be engaging with both existing and new clients and help them with their business goals and digital ambition.

CEM redigeret scaled - Q&A With the new NL Engagement Director  – Cem Yildiz

What characterises the gaming industry at the moment? What trends and tendencies do you see?

The influence and impact of games has grown tremendously in the last decade. E-sports is a huge business and attracts large brands and sponsors. Indie developers worldwide produce the most amazing and creative work and we are finally seeing the potential of cloud gaming services with Microsoft, Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia and other companies doing huge investments now. These companies are doing everything in their power to let people experience games everywhere, regardless of the device they are on, with as little friction as possible.

Games are not just a way to escape reality, but also a way to compete, socialize and be inspired. The gaming industry will continue to change and games themselves will continue to spread around the globe and virtually reach everyone.

What will happen to the digital experience in the future?

While it is nearly impossible to answer that question now, it should be no surprise that the digital and physical worlds will come together even more than what we are currently experiencing. And instead of only helping us with finding information, connecting with other people and shopping I believe digital experiences will also empower people in ways we’ve not seen before. My hope is that digital experiences will be so optimized that it will allow us to spend less time behind screens and have more balanced and healthy lives.

What expectations do you have for Nodes? And how do you plan to meet those expectations?

I think the future looks very bright for Nodes. We have an amazing group of experienced and talented people and that will continue to allow us to engage with amazing clients and create the best digital experiences. This will allow us to grow further and reach new heights. My role in this is to help grow the business in the Netherlands. I plan to do that by understanding the real problems and challenges of our clients and winning new and global clients.


Cem Yildiz

Previous employement:

Account Director at Valtech

Nodes office:



Engagement Director

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