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Q&A With the new UK and ME Managing Director  – Nick Constantinou

Q&A With the new UK and ME Managing Director – Nick Constantinou

Why did you decide to join Nodes?

After spending time with the leadership and understanding their ambition for the business, it was an easy decision. Nodes are a super interesting proposition in a world of mediocrity. The business success to date illustrates a relentless commitment to exceptional strategic thinking, design craft and absolute delivery. To help the business define and deliver their next chapter is an opportunity I’m super excited to accept.

Have you heard of Nodes before? (if possible, how is Nodes perceived in the UK?)

Honestly, not really. But that doesn’t mean anything! An outsider’s view looking in, they are engineers at their core with an impressive set of credentials. Unlike many digital agencies, and large professional service providers, they have been 100% focused on the work and delivering for clients. Chasing fame and polishing egos has never been a focus. Nodes is an unknown gem that deserves to enjoy a lot more recognition.

In your opinion, what characterises the stage that Nodes is in?

Nodes has built an interesting business to date. Kudos to the team. Originally from the mobile app world Nodes have extended into deeper digital transformation type engagements. Nodes are at a great size to move to the next level while maintaining the culture that got it here. With a continued focus on their engineering core, and the recent MonstarLab investment, Nodes is well placed to help clients transform their businesses through digital platforms, products and services.

Nick MD

What are your ambitions for Nodes in the UK?

To grow! Seriously, it’s a pretty simple ambition. Through entrepreneurial motivated talent the goal is to redefine the technology consultancy market with world class digital solutions that drive our clients business and, of course, our own.

Personally, I love solving problems through the application of creativity and technology. The talent of Nodes, I believe, share a similar view. I appreciate what we get to do and lives we have in this funny old industry. I want to get back to producing amazing work with good people, and have some fun along the way!

How do you plan to meet those ambitions? 

With our number one asset – our talent. It’s our responsibility to provide an environment where they are excited, empowered and  relentless in their pursuit of brilliant work. To keep clients happy, deliver great numbers, and fundamentally be proud of all they create. Without our talent, culture and values we will struggle to get anywhere. Culture eats Strategy everyday of the week (as a much wiser man than me once stated). There is enough pollution in the world (digitally and physically) – let’s not add to it.



Nick Constantinou

Previous employement:

Head of Marketing and Product Innovation at Addison Lee
Managing Director at McCann London
General Manager at AKQA

Nodes office:



Managing Director UK and Middle East


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