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Q&A With the new VP of Life Science – Anders Krag

Q&A With the new VP of Life Science – Anders Krag

Why did you decide to leave NNE and join Nodes?

It was a matter of joining Nodes rather than leaving NNE. The main reason to join Nodes is the vast amount of capabilities and possibilities present in Nodes. This combined with the management and I seeing a sweet spot in the market for Digital Life Science Services Powered by Nodes.

Have you heard of Nodes before?

I’ve followed Nodes and the company’s development for many years; almost from the beginning a decade ago. I have always been Intrigued by individuals like the partners in Nodes who have been able to create and nurture a company like Nodes.

What characterises the Life Science industry right now?

The Life Science industry is a bundle of many industries which of course varies a lot on digitisation maturity. I think it is safe to say that in many cases other industries has been faster to adapt and adopt digitalisation. The leaders of the life science industry knows this and are eager to catch up. Not for the purpose of catching up with other industries but because it’s become obvious that digitization represents a great opportunity to operate life science businesses smarter and more effectively.
At the same time demography and environment awareness shows that increases in the population and age is putting a pressure on both Pharma, HealthCare and Food industry. This external pressure provides the Life Science industry with the Incentive needed to drive efficiency with digitalisation. And we are here to support that.

What trends or tendencies do you see running through the Life Science industry?

Life science is highly regulated and the documentation level is equally high. Vast amount of documentation is created and maintained on paper in manual processes, managed by people. The Industry is well on the way of converting these data into meaningful structures of information which will provide valuable insights, both regarding customer behaviour & needs and within production. Utilising technology, such as Machine Learning, is considered an untapped well of opportunities especially within image recognition and trend recognition in manufacturing and customer behaviour.
Technology is recognised as both automation solutions and as augmentation of people capabilities and should be Intuitive for people to use and interact with. This means that xR technologies, like the hololens enabling and augmenting to the experience of being in the environment of relevance. Voice and automated digital process technologies is being investigated and might be the base for great efficiency gains, both in terms of cost savings and in terms of human adaptability since voice is everyday preferred communication method to ‘interface’ each other, why not machines? -and why not automate the following process?

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What expectations do you have for Nodes Life Science? And how do you plan to meet those expectations?

Nodes is one of the leading digital product development agencies with a passion for leading edge technology, and compassion for our customers. Nodes has proven this with multiple successful projects within the last decade and now it’s time to enable this expertise within Life Science.
Our customers will benefit from our passion and experience and I’m looking forward to deep dive into the projects and to have a lot of fun while during it.


Anders Krag

Previous employement:

Director, NNE

Nodes office:



Copenhagen Business School


VP of Life Science

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