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Nodes becomes a part of Japanese conglomerate Monstar Lab

Nodes becomes a part of Japanese conglomerate Monstar Lab

Monstar Lab, an Asian leader within digital product development, acquires the majority of the shares and follows up with a significant investment for immediate growth in leading app agency Nodes.

The aim of the acquisition is to utilise lead positions in their home markets to move further into Europe on an ambitious growth journey. Nodes have clients such as Abellio, Hiscox and Weatherbys and a range of international clients primarily in Scandinavia.

UK – a natural choice for European HQ for tech expansion

The investment is part of the overall vision of Monstar Lab to build a leading global digital product development agency. After an extensive analysis of the European markets and visiting more than 50 digital agencies across Europe, Nodes was chosen as European partner. The choice was not only based on the company’s impressive track-record and strong client portfolio but also based on the eco-system of software and app development where UK is perceived as an international lighthouse, according to the CEO of Monster Lab CEO, Hiroki Inagawa.

“Looking at the landscape of digital agencies in Europe, to us UK stood out in various important aspects such as its high quality talent pool, work ethic and creative mindset. Looking at Nodes we were impressed by their ambition to further expand their business in Europe, including their success story in both Great Britain and the Scandinavian markets. We are truly happy that our two companies will be able to reach out to each other to create transcontinental cultural and business synergy and expertise. Moreover, as a fellow entrepreneur, I couldn’t help but feel the utmost respect towards their management team and especially the Founders’ experience and outlook.”

Great Britain consistently tops international and European rankings due to its favourable business climate. In June 2017, United Kingdom ranked 5th on the European Innovation Scoreboard which ranks the national innovation ecosystems on parameters relevant to digital product development such as attractive research systems, R&D expenditure and employment in knowledge-intensive industries.

Entering new markets based on a Nodes talent-model

Nodes was founded in 2008 by Daniel Højris Bæk and Andreas Green Rasmussen and has since then been in the lead within the British app industry. The company has grown into 80 people with offices in London, Copenhagen and Aarhus and now the plan is to use Nodes as a vessel to grow into more European countries. The ambition of entering new markets is not new to the management team at Nodes. As one of few european agencies, Nodes has managed to successfully enter and develop a leading position in highly competitive markets.

“Since day one our ambition has been to attract the best and most passionate talent in the industry and to create awesome solutions for our clients. And since the fight for talent is increasing within the digital space with lots of large players broadening their services into our field of expertise, we believe, that our partnership with Monstar Lab will enforce and broaden our ability to keep attracting talents in the future, and support our continued growth journey”, says Co-founder at Nodes, Daniel Højris Bæk, and continues “Part of the agreement is that Monstar Lab will follow up investments in order for us to keep growing both in existing markets and new markets around Europe during the next 1-3 years.”

The acquisition of Nodes by Monstar Lab officially took place on the 7th of August. The existing management group at Nodes will all stay in the same positions in the new ownership.

About Nodes

Nodes is an app development agency specialising in delivering complex enterprise-level apps without compromising on outstanding user experience. The team consists of 80 passionate in-house developers, designers and mobile advisors based in London, Copenhagen & Aarhus. Nodes has been developing apps since 2008.

About Monstar Lab

Monstar Lab is a leading digital product development agency in the Asian region with more than 700 employees based in offices in Japan, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Singapore. Furthermore the company has an office in San Francisco in USA.

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Malthe Kringelbach Iversen, Marketing Manager, Nodes
Phone: +4531536579

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