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A Danish radio app, with 18k users


During the past few years, the relevance of podcasts has grown enormously. This newly gained popularity has left great potential in how we communicate and receive information. Being one of the leading media organisations in Denmark, Berlingske Media has acknowledged this potential and asked us to help them develop a platform providing Danes with quality radio on demand. The vision was a platform that would host Danish podcast producers both from within Berlingske Media as well as third-party producers making upcoming brands and podcasts gain more visibility in a market dominated by already established producers and brands.


Berlingske Media came to us in the summer of 2018 with a very ambitious deadline that gave us just a few months for development. In collaboration with Berlingske Media and well-renowned design agency Trouble, we were able to launch this new platform in November 2018. The short deadline meant that we had to take a very agile approach and focus on the most important features for the first version. Since launch, we have kept up with the feedback from users and followed up with numerous significant updates to improve the platform.


The 24syv app is a testament to how fast you can get to market if you are willing to prioritise and iterate in an agile manner. The app furthermore proves that there is an enormous market for Danish quality podcasts. Today the daily active user count is hovering around 18.000 users and the App and Play Store ratings are going up.
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