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Framework for future app development

The problem: Arla employees have a lot of ideas for new mobile innovations, but the maturity of these ideas varies a lot in quality, which makes it hard for the IT department to keep up with all the new potential projects.

The solution: Nodes has helped Arla with a digital strategy framework. A process that will ensure quality and maturity of all new ideas, by helping employees to consider all relevant aspects of the idea.

The result: With the framework, all the many ideas are no longer a burden for the IT department, but rather a resource that enables all employees to evolve Arla digitally. Relevant aspects would be how the idea fits into overall strategies, thereby ensuring a common direction of initiatives and whom are the idea influencing – are the characteristics of employees or consumers taken into account? last but not least, is the idea technical viable – will it actually be possible to execute this idea in a valuable way?

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