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Governance framework for mobile apps

The problem: DFDS had an ambition to scale digital development and increase optimisation across the business. To meet a number of potential challenges associated with this ambition, DFDS wanted an anchor in an environment characterized by rapid development and multiple stakeholders across the organisation.

The solution: In partnership with Nodes, the solution became the development of an App Strategy. This has paved the road for a more efficient, aligned and integrated way of developing apps. As part of the strategy, an online framework was implemented where design guidelines, ‘building blocks’ and technical recommendations are collected and made available for all teams or individuals in DFDS who want to build apps.

The result: The result of the process and strategy has ensured scalability in all solutions, as well as centralizing and standardizing parts of the process. This has led to cost reductions and a reduction in the technical complexity for the organisation, thereby reducing overall risk.

DFDS dk 1 - DFDS - App Governance Framework
Santander 2 - DFDS - App Governance Framework
Santander 3 - DFDS - App Governance Framework
DFDS dk 4 - DFDS - App Governance Framework
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