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A functional work tool for 700+ drivers in Denmark

Through an agile development process, Nodes worked together with GLS to launch a new and improved tool for scanning and collecting data on route, based on user feedback.

GLS Mockup Zebra - GLS

The Challenge

Being the third biggest distributor of parcels in Europe GLS always seeks to create and establish an easy, fast, and functional work environment for their employees. Having the goal of being a fast and secure parcel delivery and return, GLS consulted us to help them create a new tool to easily scan parcels and collect data throughout the route. The support of their original device has stopped and drivers have been complaining about the weight and functional features. Therefore, we were asked to develop an app for the device not only as a substitution but as an improvement to the previous one. 

The results


drivers currently using the hand scanner in Denmark


drivers estimated to use hand scanner in Denmark


and more efficient for drivers in their daily work

An agile and highly collaborative process secured the most effective result and highest quality as possible

In Nodes we believe in an agile process. This was the reason we would continuously send finished parts of the final app to GLS giving them a chance to comment or ask us to alter during the development. This agility secures the most effective end result possible. Furthermore, GLS was responsible for the back-end development in the app and wanted us to manage design and front-end development. This required us working closely together, which has been a huge success.

Poster GLS - GLS

An innovation sprint determined the neccessary features

Immediately after being contacted by GLS we arranged an innovation sprint. In this sprint GLS and Nodes worked together on pinpointing the features necessary for drivers to perform in a fast, easy, and effective manner. On day five we had a prototype available to introduce to a group of drivers. This was important to us since we believe that the knowledge of great usability lies within the user. Therefore, the feedback from the drivers was crucial for us in order to make the most functional tool possible. Based on the gathered data as well as our expertise we started designing and building the app.

Ensuring a seam-less experience for the users

“Our goal was to create an experience for the drivers that was as seamless as possible, allowing them to work without technical distractions. This was achieved through a continuous delivery mindset, where GLS and Nodes worked closely together to ensure the deliveries were strategically factored in according to user requirements.”

Peter Andersen, Senior Digital Consultant, Nodes

A tool to support the drivers with personalisation features and focus on usability

A big advantage in this case is the fact that our designers are specifically app-designers, which makes them experts on designing with a high level of knowledge on usability and flows.

This expertise combined with the close collaboration between Nodes and GLS resulted in one of the great features of this app: because of our understanding of usability and our target audience we were able to make a personalised feature allowing drivers to adjust the placement of their scan-button. Drivers will most likely press this button more than 500 times a day making this personalised feature very valuable in order to maintain ease, speed and comfort.

Group 7

Guiding drivers efficiently through their workday

From loading the truck in the morning to delivering parcels directly to private recipients or to GLS Parcelshops

GLS icon 2-10

Clearer real-time communication with recipients

Recipients will now receive an email or text message when the parcel is ready for pick up at the nearest GLS Parcelshop.

GLS icon 3-11

Improved camera supports customer service

Provides better guidance to recipients using DepositService as GLS can pinpoint the exact location of the parcel

Get to know GLS

GLS is one of Europe’s largest distributor of parcels, with a presence in 41 European countries and 8 states in USA. GLS’s core expertise is linking the countries of Europe and providing comprehensive coverage. Besides parcel delivery and express services, the company offers, depending on the country, logistic services ranging from warehousing to freight services (cargo and pallets). They had a revenue of 3.3 bn.€ in 2018/2019, 18.00 employees, and over 200.000 customers across their businesses and markets. In Denmark they had over 800 vehicles, 1600 ParcelShops and over 6000 customers in 2018/2019.

1 - GLS

Nodes is a partner of the highest calibre. Even with such an unusual project, Nodes proved time and time again that they were on top of the task. The resulting app is not only improving the experience for the recipients everyday, but it is also optimising and simplifying many processes for the customer service and depots, whom help our customers.

– Christian Johansen, Project Lead, GLS

Hand terminal without logo 1 - GLS

Future development of the app

The process of designing and building this app is ongoing, as the app is in its’ roll-out phase. Currently 200+ drivers are using the app in Denmark, and we continue to improve it based on user feedback. The goal is to launch it in all areas of Denmark and to all drivers.






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