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Abellio Greater Anglia

Keeping staff up to date with contingency plans

The problem: Abellio needed to communicate to all staff when issues or problems occurred on the lines. They also found customers had more information than their staff when issues occurred.

The solution: The Contingency app lets Abellio activate Contingency Plans within seconds, and pushes out a notification to alert all staff users of the issue. Plans detail how to handle the situation and offer delay repay to customers. Integration with thetrainline ensures staff can recommend real-time travel updates.

The result: Abellio saw a record customer satisfaction rating in 2017, with customers feeling informed and staff up to date thanks in part to the Contingency App.




Butterknife, Retrofit, GSON, OKHTTP, Laravel, Guzzle, Linux, NGinx, MySQL, Redis, Beanstalkd, S3


Trapezegroup API
Urban Airship
Google Analytics

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