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Biometrics in retail

The problem: Cosmetics company Rimmel wanted to create a 3D makeup simulation app, Get the Look. The app invites users to take a photo of a makeup look — it could be your friend, a beauty editorial, a billboard, whatever you’d like — and then try it on yourself using facial recognition.

The solution: Holition created proprietary technology that Nodes was able to collaborate with,  implement and design and develop across iOS & Android and complete the rest of the necessary backend integrations.

The result: Rimmell met their deadline for launch and the product has gone on to be one of the fastest selling products in the line.




Alamofire, SnapKit, HockeySDK, MGSwipeTableCell, Lottie, FacebookSDK, Butterknife, Retrofit, Glide, Timber


Holition Mobile SDK
Holition Webservice API
Google Analytics

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