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MAN Energy Solutions

Internal app for quality assurance

The problem: MAN energy solutions is a turbine and compressor manufacturer based in Germany. The company faces — similar to the entire mechanical engineering sector — growing pressure to increase its productivity, efficiency and time to market. The envisioned approach to accomplishing this included digital initiatives such as documenting and automating quality assurance processes to improve overall efficiency.

Digitisation was defined as one of MAN´s strategic cornerstones, preparing MAN for the future. As one of theses first “fast-track” projects, Nodes Berlin built — in cooperation with MAN — a solution for quality assurance documentation. The aim was to deliver a solution with very strict budget and time constraints.

The solution: The Swift Vapor Framework, a proven technology from the Nodes tech stack, was used to build the backend infrastructure.  For the frontend, the templating language Leaf and the Nodes Admin Panel were used. Through four one-week sprints, MAN Energy Solutions and Nodes collaborated to build an MVP. 

The result: In 25 days, across four sprints, Nodes was able to provide a robust solution and a web-based MVP for planners, inspectors and foremen. The MVP allows engineers to document quality assurance in the cloud via tablet or PC and spend their time on the development of new products. Paperwork was reduced by approximately 50%. The implementation of further features and the roll-out to other plants is underway.




Vapor Cloud
Amazon Web Services
Nodes Admin Panel


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