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Brand New Retail Banking Platform Built on Sitecore 9.3

Rapid development and launch of a new retail banking platform for the UAE’s best digital consumer bank.

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Mashreq Bank is continuously harnessing the best in omnichannel technology to push the pace in a traditional market. As part of an ongoing digital transformation, Mashreq wished to re-platform their digital retail banking products to the Sitecore Experience Platform™, in order to create the foundation for a truly personalised digital customer experience.

Mashreq required a rapid execution of the development of the new site to support their ambitious growth plans. They needed simultaneous upskilling of their internal teams to drive future self-sufficiency.

Despite facing the challenges of COVID-19, Nodes and Mashreq launched a high-performing site within 5 months and built a foundational core team within Mashreq who are able to drive autonomous iterations of the website.

The Results


Increase in page views and conversions with user-focused and optimised customer journeys.


Content publication time has been reduced significantly, from hours to seconds.


More robust security and testing with Azure DevOps – Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform

Upskilling Internal Capabilities While Building the Platform

To realise their mission of providing customers with a seamless banking experience that also encompasses personalisation across devices, Mashreq chose the Sitecore Experience Platform™ and Nodes as their preferred Platinum Implementation Partner.

Nodes and Mashreq kicked off with a two-day workshop to align on everything from mandatory requirements to personalised features. Together, we formed integrated creative, frontend, backend and delivery teams represented by both parties to drive the transformation process.

For Mashreq, it was important to build in-house capabilities in order to carry on developing and maintaining the platform internally. Being a trusted advisor, Nodes facilitated the upskilling of Mashreq’s own Sitecore resources to safely and effectively become self-sufficient.

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“A key objective in our digital transformation journey was to improve the experience of our customers by offering them superior services, whenever and wherever they need. By choosing Sitecore Experience Platform™, we were not only able to create a modern, intuitive and user-friendly site, we also implemented a platform that enables us to deliver content across all customer channels. The use of an API has made it a very powerful tool for our mobile and web developers.

It fills me with pride to say that we’ve managed to deliver a brand new website and implement a new platform in such a short time-frame. This was made possible by our agile way of working and our effective collaboration with a great team from Nodes.”

Rafik Majiti
Executive Vice President, Head of Digital, Mashreq Bank

Scalable solution for next-generation personalisation

In less than 5 months, we launched an entirely new MVP Sitecore experience platform. Early management buy-in, close collaboration in agile development squads, and building in-house Sitecore capabilities served as the backbone to a successful project launch.

Besides being a visual beauty created by Mashreq’s own internal design team, the bank now has an all-new retail banking platform delivering seamless and efficient customer experiences. All pages are simplified and optimised, the design is responsive and modern, and time for content to be published is reduced from hours to only seconds.

With Sitecore as their experience platform, Mashreq has, as one of the first banks in the region, laid the foundation for a truly personalised digital customer experience across all digital platforms.

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Credit Card Comparison Tool

Easy comparison of credit cards to find the best fit for the customer’s individual needs. FAQs about interest, rewards etc. are also available.

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Insurance Calculator

Customers can discover how they get maximum coverage for less money using Mashreq’s new insurance calculator.

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Scalable Platform for Future Growth

A robust foundation for Mashreq’s own team to further build personalisation into the platform and scale to suit future requirements.

Accelerating Success With Blended teams

“The opportunity to support Mashreq on this journey has been a privilege. Despite some massive challenges in such a difficult year, we are very proud to have delivered while keeping with the Mashreq design team’s vision. Working with a blended team of Front- and Backend Developers, and QA Testers, we were able to pull together and launch a retail banking customer experience that is second to none in the region.

It is testament to Mashreq’s passion for excellence and drive to transform that we made this happen in such a short time. We are excited for the future and further opportunities to support Mashreq as they continue on their digital journey. Onwards and upwards!”

Rebecca Hudson
Executive Delivery Director MENA, Nodes

About Mashreq Bank

One of the UAE’s best performing banks for over five decades, Mashreq is a leading financial institution with an expanding footprint across the Middle East. More than 50 years on from Mashreq’s inception, the bank has played a significant role in positioning the UAE as a global financial and economic hub, enabling people and businesses to thrive in every corner of the globe, from North America and Europe, through to Africa and Asia. At the centre of these relationships is an unwavering commitment towards customer-centricity. Developing products that empower and meet the needs of customers’ is a value deeply ingrained within the bank.

Strong Partnership Helps Mashreq Push the Digital Agenda and Meet Evolving Customer Demands

The structure of our blended teams gave visibility and transparency to everyone involved in the project, despite the remote circumstances under which the teams collaborated. The constant focus on capability-building laid the foundation for Mashreq to continue development of the Sitecore platform, rolling this out to new areas of the bank to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Appealing to a young, dynamic, tech-savvy market and raising the bar in digital banking in the Middle East is a must for Mashreq. The progressive bank is looking to the future, with the ultimate goal of harnessing the power of Sitecore for personalisation across their entire omnichannel retail banking experience.

Mashreq Device 01 - Mashreq Bank

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