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Product catalogue for sales and distribution team

The problem: Mazda was spending a lot of money on print materials for their sales and distribution. Frequent updates became an expensive exercise with print and logistics expenses. Furthermore, Mazda wanted to create interest and drive preference towards the Mazda brand.

The solution: An app where the sales team can easily access the latest version of the product catalogue and use it actively in sales situations with end-consumers. Mazda can now easily push out updates and make sure information reaches the sales team directly on their own device, cutting through the communication noise from other car brands.

The result: With easy and centralised updates of the product catalogue, the app provides the sales person with updated information and aids the user in realtime sales situations. This has helped create a preference for the Mazda brand.


Server Side Swift (Vapor)


Alamofire, Serpent, KingFisher, Codemine, RxJava, Retrofit, OKHTTP, Picasso, Vapor, Storage, Redis, Linux, NGinx, MySQL, Beanstalkd, S3


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