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New Website and Partner Portal

MobilePay Improves Enablement with New Website and Partner Portal

With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets over the past five years, consumers have embraced new behaviors to gain new conveniences. One of these new conveniences that has rapidly transformed consumer behavior is cashless payments using an app.

MobilePay is a mobile payment app used to make cashless payments at Point of Sale (POS) in shops, web shops, apps, collection services (recurring payment and invoices) and between MobilePay app users. Approximately 4.4 million consumers – primarily in Denmark but increasingly in Finland – use the MobilePay app. This equates to 90 percent of the population in Denmark. MobilePay users can make cashless purchases in more than 89,000 shops. In 2017, transactions worth a combined total of 65 billion Danish kroner were made using the app.

New brand identity and sites

In 2017, MobilePay became an independent company and more than 60 Danish partner banks joined as distribution partners in Denmark. As an independent company, MobilePay not only needed to introduce a new visual identity, but also needed to create an easy accessible partner portal and overhaul its public website.

Collectively, the overall objective for the sites is to help increase acquisition of new MobilePay users and business customers while informing and educating about MobilePay products. The purpose of the partner portal is to keep partners well informed and best prepared for distributing MobilePay and therein help increase transactions. The purpose of the public sites is to generate leads wherein companies become established on the MobilePay portal.

The increasing number of companies offering MobilePay helps increase the number of transactions. MobilePay uses social channels to help generate transactions. All in all, the sites help create the foundation from a branding and awareness perspective.

Nodes selected for public site and partner portal

With business requirements that exceeded Microsoft SharePoint, upon which the previous site was built, MobilePay selected the Sitecore platform for both the partner portal and the public site. Sitecore partner Nodes was selected for the implementation based on Nodes experience with building Sitecore solutions – including highly secure portals – for financial-sector organizations.

The primary reasons for selecting the Sitecore platform included the ability to rapidly meet unique requirements in the partner portal while using standard Sitecore functionality, the security features provided by the Sitecore platform, support for multisite and multilanguage, the ability to integrate Coveo for search, ease of use for content editors and marketers and the ability to optimize the quality of portal user and customer experiences using personalization and A/B testing.

Scalable, flexible, modern technical design

The Sitecore Helix framework was used to ensure scalability as well as economies such as centralized reuse of Helix extensions and services. For example, the Helix navigation service was adopted enabling a significant time savings for developers. Altogether, developers estimate that using the Helix framework provided a 20 percent time savings during the build phase of the project.

A capability provided by the partner portal is the ability for a MobilePay marketer to create web page content and make a document (such as a product description) available for a user at a partner bank to download. The technical solution that was built includes the ability to automatically send an email notification to relevant partner users who have specific user roles.

Given that MobilePay is a financial institution with partners that are also financial institutions, security is a top priority. Nodes worked with the IT staff responsible for hosting the solution to ensure a high level of security hardening. A partner portal login authentication scheme was developed deployed to ensure a high degree of security while reducing the need for manual intervention when onboarding portal users at partners.

Results: increased awareness and better partner enablement

In terms of results, MobilePay was able to achieve different types of successes. One example is targeted, personalized communication to different user roles among partners who login to use the MobilePay portal. This personalized communication and subsequent engagement gives MobilePay marketing personnel an overview of responsiveness and the ability to follow up.

A more intuitive site content structure (supported with a well-tuned site search function) enables visitors to more easily find the MobilePay product that best serves an individual visitor’s needs. Site navigation has also been greatly improved and this has helped to increase site utilization.

In addition, Marketers can work more efficiently and rapidly when publishing content. On a select basis, when publishing information, a marketer can automatically generate targeted email notifications that in turn help increase engagement. On the whole, time-to-market for MobilePay marketers is far more improved compared to the previous solution. The improved time-to-market includes new product information as well as campaign content.

Strengthening the MobilePay Brand

Considering that Denmark has a population of 5.7 million, the country has one of the highest proportions of mobile payment users in Europe. The clear majority – about 90 percent of the population in Denmark – use MobilePay. According to research based on Word of Mouth (WOM) brand recognition, MobilePay is the number one most recognized Danish brand in Denmark among 18 to 34-year olds.

With this high level of app usage and brand awareness, the introduction and execution of the new visual identity was crucial. Utilization of the MobilePay app remains strong and this helps to underscore the success of the MobilePay solution.

“Personalized communication and subsequent engagement gives MobilePay marketing personnel an overview of visitor responsiveness and an ability to follow up.”


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