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Risk management companion for corporate travellers

The problem: As a risk management company, red24 needed to maintain an attractive value proposition for its main clients who are often travelling. 

The solution: By launching the app Travelkit, red24 has created additional value for its larger clients by handling a convenience problem for business travelers. Using geolocation to ensure information is relevant to the user’s location, the app provides a range of features to ensure travellers are always aware of risks in their destination and have key information at hand to reduce and mitigate any potential threats.

The result: Red24 has solved, not only a problems within risk management, but also associated problems in relation to business travel, such as delivering relevant local information and storing passport and assurance information.




Alamofire, HockeySDK, Kingfisher, SnapKit, Sourcery, TZStackView, Supertoasts, Glide, RxJava, OKHTTP, Autofittextview, Butterknife, Retrofit, GSON, Laravel, Guzzle, Linux, NGinx, MySQL, Redis, Beanstalkd, S3


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