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SG Armaturen

Sales and product tool for professionals

The problemIn a highly competitive lighting market SG wanted tie electricians closer to their business in order for them to sell and install more of their products.

The solution: By creating an app that would allow electricians to instantly calculate the economical benefits of changing light sources to SG products, the app both created value for the end user, the electrician and SG.

The result: More than 66 % of electricians keep using the SG app after the first time, as it helps them do complex calculations and clearly communicate return on investment to the customers.




Alamofire, Whisper, KeychainAccess, Netfox, MGSwipeTableCell, Swipelayout, Glide, Butterknife, OKHTTP, Laravel, CORS, Guzzle, Linux, NGinx, MySQL, Redis, Beanstalkd, S3


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