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Taxa 4x35

National cab booking platform for drivers and users supporting the achievement of business goals

The challenge: With over 100 years of experience, TAXA 4×35 is the largest taxi company in Denmark. It consists of a cooperation of 14 taxi companies with more than 800 taxis, which primarily support customers in the area around Copenhagen. The company had developed an app in Asia, but found that it didn’t live up to the company’s high service level and product. Therefore, they wanted a rebuild of the app and an optimisation of the user experience to match the quality of the physical customer experience. In 2016, TAXA 4×35 had an ambition that the percentage of bookings through the app would rise from 11% to 25%, while the percentage of digital bookings would go from 64% to 80% in 2018. An ambition that Nodes would support in achieving.

The solution: The solution implemented is an updated Android and iOS app, where the user can book a taxi and even decide if they want a fixed price or go via the traditional taximeter. At the same time the customer can add favourite addresses and payment methods, which makes the booking and payment process easier and more efficient. This in turn would optimise the user experience. Finally, the user can follow the assigned taxi on a map before and during the ride.

The result: The results include an improved experience that lives up to a modern user’s expectations and to a higher extent contribute to achieving the company’s goals. In 2018, TAXA 4×35 achieved the goals that were set in 2016. The amount of app and digital bookings respectively increased to 25% and 81%, and with over 750.000 downloads, the app is Denmark’s ultimately largest taxi app.






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