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Improving sales and distribution through e-learning

Tempur Sealy International Inc. transformed their business processes through user-centric thinking

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As a luxury brand, Tempur Sealy was challenged by third-party retailers not delivering the same level of service and expertise as their product and brand promised. With high costs related to training sessions and a more mobile sales team, they were looking for a smarter solution. They also have an objective of becoming the world’s favourite mattress and pillow brand. Through motivating e-learning that leverages gamification dynamics on a device staff were familiar with, Tempur was able to educate retailers in a creative and engaging way. The Tempur app, The Sleep Academy, has increased top-of-class mentality amongst sales personnel, as well as securing a higher level of service. It has also provided country managers with valuable statistics and knowledge of their sales team.

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Staff training imperative for their sales numbers and to beat competition

Tempur products are being sold by third-party retailers globally. As they are not sold exclusively in these stores but among other competitive brands, it is imperative for the Tempur sales that the retail staff are well-educated and well-versed around the products. It is often in the physical stores that buying decisions are being made – in fact, 70% of all customers end up purchasing the first recommendation made by retail personnel.

Tempur wanted to create a digital solution to a growing issue with motivating and educating retail staff about their products. The objectives were to update the retail staff, engage them, enhance their skills, stay top of mind and focus on Tempur. They needed a solution that could reach globally and easily work for different cultures and languages but with a small budget and quick turnaround.

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Motivating retail staff to become brand advocates through a resource-saving platform

As the solution should be engaging and motivating, Nodes suggested a simple gamification mechanism in an app. The app would be in a format quickly recognisable for retail staff. Features like personal stats, leader boards, quizzes and factfinder all contribute to a motivating experience. The staff will be able to level-up in ranking and to collect points together with their colleagues and win prizes.

The app was rolled out to test internally, and iterations were made based on feedback. The backend grew exponentially to support customisation for each country and support a mass of questions, languages, levels and user data.

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of e-learning

Through engaging games, retail staff is motivated to compete against colleagues and competitive stores.

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Supports customisation for each country

Can be based on language, level of staff, questions and user data, making it relevant for country managers and their KPIs.

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Sales and
marketing tool

Tempur can push new products, campaigns and information quickly and ensure a quick adoption rate for new products.

Taking e-learning to the next level

“Our goal for the app was to take e-learning to the next level and make it a fun and motivating task for sales personnel. Through gamification dynamics in the app, the engagement level is high. It has proven to raise Tempur’s brand awareness and make their products top-of-mind at retailers around the world. We are proud to be involved in their digital transformation process.”

Niels Truong, Creative Director, Nodes

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“Nodes’ trustworthy professionalism is second to none and this is what makes the collaboration between us not only delightful, but also efficient and goal-oriented. The resulting app is continuously helping us in improving the knowledge of our products, and with the user data gathered, the app is a crucial tool to understanding our markets and to improve sales.”

– Daniel Schmidt, Trade Marketing Manager, Tempur Sealy International Inc.

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Taking part in Tempur’s digital transformation, optimising sales and marketing processes

Through the project, Tempur was made aware that a digital transformation was needed for the entire organisation, and Nodes has been a big part of that process via optimising their internal and external processes. The app has resulted in an optimisation of their communication and sales and marketing processes:

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Raising awareness and the level of knowledge

The app has had a positive impact for both retail staff and end-consumers

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Improving communication and providing user data

Communication improved between Tempur and retail customers, and user data is gathered to gain knowledge about sales performance.

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Training and onboarding provided by Nodes

Extensive training sessions and brochures around the app, advice on how to use the app and the onboarding of it was provided by Nodes.

About Tempur

Tempur Sealy is the world’s largest bedding provider. They develop, manufacture, and market mattresses, foundations, pillows and other products. Their materials are being used by NASA’s spaceships. The products are high-end and have visibility across four continents. Produced in Denmark and the USA among other places, the Company’s products are sold worldwide through its own stores, online and third party retailers alongside other competitors. The Company’s brand portfolio includes many highly recognized brands in the industry. The total net sales in FY2018 amounted to $2.702,9 million, and they had 6200 employees across its markets in 2018. This case focuses solely on Tempur.

Future development of the app

After successful launch of the app in existing and new markets, the next step in the process are now being contemplated by Tempur and Nodes. In discussions are e.g.: newsletter inside the app, Competitions page overview, Shop to buy prizes with points, user battles (users could challenge other users to the quiz), and a RSS-style feed that pulled in content related to specific tags such as Tempur, bedding, sleep etc. We are looking forward to exploring the possibilities of the app continuously together with Tempur.




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