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Banking level security for bloodstock investment portfolios

The problemWeathersbys needed to offer their thoroughbred horse-customers the same level of security and accessibility as banking customers.

The solution: The app enables users to view, edit and add information on Bloodstock horses in their company, including horse details, race information, images, videos, pedigree reports and notes. The solution included at intuitive and flexible CMS system for various users permissions, which enables multi company users and company styling and customization.

The result: The app brings the same high service-quality you would expect as a normal bank-user to the niche group of horse-breeders, thereby becoming a unique value proposition for Weathersbys.




Alamofire, HockeySDK, Reachability, Kingfisher, PagedArray, Laravel, Activitylog, Searchable, Linux, NGinx, MySQL, Redis, Beanstalkd, S3


Bloodstock API
Weatherbys API
Urban Airship
Google Analytics

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