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Wedding shop

Mobile e-commerce platform for wedding gifts

The problem: Voted Best Gift List provider in 2017 – The Wedding Shop is a leader in the wedding planning industry. Maintaining industry leadership is all about pushing the boundaries for convenience and delivery of seamless experiences also before the wedding. Ensuring flexibility and unlimited choice in an engaging and user friendly way.

The solution: A premium native iPhone app that delivers the Ultimate Gift List where couples can build a wedding gift list flexibly on the move and easily share with their guests. Unlimited choice is delivered with access to more than 50,000 products across 350 brand partners, but in a structured way that ensures a user friendly overview. With the barcode scanner and web-link integration, users can even add whatever gifts their hearts desire. They can even add personal honeymoon-, charity- and experience funds.

The result: The Wedding Shop once again proved their position as industry leader ahead of their competitors by delivering a second-to-none wedding gift list experience on mobile. This now enables them to further increase their market share by making wedding gift planning inspirational, convenient and fun. With detailed analytics, the app furthermore enables The Wedding Shop to optimise the users’ shopping experience over time.

“it’s been a really great project to work on with Nodes. This is a long-term project for us and something we will be continually evolving but having such a good starting point is really encouraging for us. We know it’s not perfect as is but I don’t think it should be, it should be an ever changing product for our customers.”
– Nathan ChannonSenior Developer




Alamofire, RangeSlider, BarcodeScanner, KingFisher, Reusable, Laravel, Guzzle, Linux, NGinx, MySQL, Redis, Beanstalkd, S3


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