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Q&A Tobias Lund-Eskerod

Q&A Tobias Lund-Eskerod

Q&A With the new
Senior Digital Product Consultant
– Tobias Lund-Eskerod

Thomas Lockhart      February 4, 2020

Why did you decide to join Nodes?

I joined Nodes, because of the people in Nodes!
During my interviews in the office, it was clear that there is a special atmosphere. The people are not only friendly but also extremely competent. I wanted to play on the “A team” and it was obvious to me from the get go that Nodes is just the place for that. I thrive on a daily basis if I have a purpose when going to work and this is clearly the case in Nodes.

Have you heard of Nodes before?

I have followed Nodes almost since it was a handful of people in an apartment. I have looked at the company and the partners with great admirement. Being the same age as the partners and with the same educational background, I chose “the corporate way” back then but have always admired their hard work and progress and what they have turned Nodes into today.

How can your experience within the insurance sector help Nodes and our clients?

We have a clear scope in regards to getting more clients and partners from the insurance business and the financial sector in general. I trust that we will be able to take advantage of my connections within the industry. Furthermore, I hope that my many years of experience in the sector can help us to better understand the clients needs and to tap into them.

What trends and tendencies do you see running through Analytics and digital transformation in the financial sector?

I see an industry where there is a lot on the agenda and businesses that want to really take a leap into the digital era. IoT and machine learning (also in combination) is really on the agenda in insurance companies but often is it hard for the companies to achieve great effect and RoI from their efforts. To generalize, it’s mainly because of old mainframe systems, heavy and non-agile organizations together with a “safe business” with steady income. I am confident that we can help many companies on their journey.

What expectations do you have for your new role as a consultant in Nodes? And how do you plan to meet them?

I expect some intelligent and likeminded colleagues with a fantastic drive, where I can learn fast and refresh my toolbox. From here I expect us as a team to have and develop a clear strategy and take on big customers and bigger projects.
I expect to meet this challenge with commitment, teamspirit and hopefully some awesome projects with partners down the road.

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Tobias Lund-Eskerod

Group 11 - Q&A Tobias Lund-Eskerod

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Group 10 - Q&A Tobias Lund-Eskerod

Previous employment

Development Consultant, Tryg
Global Head of CRM & Director, Saxo Bank
Head of CRM & Customer Development, Gjensidige

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MSc in Economics and Marketing

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