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Q&A with Mark Jones

Q&A with Mark Jones

Q&A with the New
Chief Strategy and Consultancy Officer for Monstar Lab Group
– Mark Jones

Thomas Lockhart       July 23, 2020

Why did you decide to join the company?

Monstar Lab, Nodes and Fuzz are market leading brands in their respective markets with amazing clients and incredibly talented people. I’m very excited to be joining a company with such a strong reputation for delivery excellence and an inclusive and innovative culture, that operates across multiple sectors and geographies. The Group has the potential to grow its market share significantly, helping our clients unlock new value by creating world class digital experiences. The opportunity to play a key role in defining and executing this ambitious strategy that was something I couldn’t turn down.

What is your new role and what will your primary focus be?

My new role is Chief Strategy and Consultancy Officer for the Monstar Lab Group. My primary focus will be scaling our Strategy and Consultancy advisory capability across Monstar Lab, Nodes and Fuzz. My ambition is to unlock new market opportunities and deepen our existing client relationships by building a world class strategy and consultancy capability across our group.

I will also be working closely with the other Board Members and MD’s in defining our corporate and GtM strategy. We have some very exciting plans and I want to play my part in making this an amazing place to work that attracts and retains the very best talent and delivers value and innovation for our clients.

What characterizes the public health sector at the moment?

This depends very much on the local market. It differs significantly across the world, from the very private/insurance centric model in the US to the public centric model in the UK, with many countries adopting a blended model somewhere in between. Germany is a great example of the latter.

That said, there are commonalities across public health. There is an ever increasing focus on how technology can help improve patient outcomes and play a significant role in not only condition treatment and management but also prevention and intervention. There is now an increased awareness that intervention and prevention are as important as treatment, however, this can only be achieved through better use of data and insight. This is key in unlocking better outcomes, and to do this effectively there needs to be a significant investment in Digital Technologies that create empowered citizens and empowered clinicians. Public Health models need to become more patient-, citizen- and even consumer-centric and the sector needs to pivot its view from inside out to inside in, placing the individual at the centre. This would be a big cultural shift for most health organisations across the world.

Looking into the crystal ball, what will happen to the public health sector in the future?

I think we are at the cusp of a significant shift in how public health is delivered in many markets, including the UK. We are already seeing innovative technology improving the lives of citizens whether that’s IoT in an elderly persons home that allows them to maintain a level of independence and reduce the cost of care, or digitizing outpatients appointments that prevent individuals traveling long distances unnecessarily for a 10 min. face to face meeting to the use of AI and ML in more quickly and accurately assessing MRI scans in cancer patients. The use-cases for transforming public health are numerous and varied, but, if delivered correctly, the benefits to citizens are significant. Investments in digital along with better data analytics will unlock demand in the system, and allow more focus on those in greatest need. 

I also see future health models becoming mobile first, delivered through a blended private and public sector delivery model. One of the last projects I did at my previous company was defining an entirely new “neighborhood’ health model for the NHS. This model incorporated digital first Primary Care, Outpatient and complex condition management, leveraging the existing NHS ecosystem, new data tools, new digital services such as NHS app, Livi, Babylon, Push Doctor) as well as private sector pharmacy, dentistry and health and wellbeing services, to create a more holistic service, personalized around the needs of individuals. The ambition was by better intervention, prevention and triage, we could take significant demand out of the system while simultaneously improving health outcomes for citizens. 

How will the company contribute to this development?

Public health will become more about the individual, their specific needs and empowering them to take greater control over their own health and wellbeing. There will also be a massive focus on empowering clinicians and other front line workers within the system to make better, faster decisions through better data and insight and reducing the time they currently spend on less productive tasks. At the core of realizing this vision will be digital and technology, leveraging the power of service design in creating patient centric pathways, capturing and integrating new data sets, allowing citizens too track and measure their own metrics and feel supported through their journey and creating applications that automate the many manual tasks clinicians undertake on a daily basis. 

Our Group’s skills and experience in creating world class digital services has the potential to put as the heart realizing this new model for public health. Our experience across banking, logistics, transport and retail and our expertise in understanding user need and how to effectively exploit technology to create better outcomes for our clients and their consumers puts us in an amazing position to make a material impact in improving people’s lives, so our contribution and impact could be significant.

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Mark Jones

Group 11 - Q&A with Mark Jones


Chief Strategy and Consultancy Officer | Monstar Lab Group

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Previous employment

Managing Director, Accenture Digital | UK & I

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BA Hons Business Strategy and Economics

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