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Q&A with Rasmus K. Mortensen

Q&A with Rasmus K. Mortensen

Q&A With the New
Head of Sitecore
– Rasmus K. Mortensen

Thomas Lockhart       July 6, 2020

Why did you decide to join the company?

I’m very excited about joining a company with a global presence and a strong reputation for delivering successful Sitecore implementations whether that be in Denmark or anywhere else in the EMEA region. The idea of working together with some bright minds in the Sitecore universe (who previously has been a part of the core platform development team of Sitecore) was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down, and I’m looking forward to working on Nodes’ international projects across borders and cultures.

What is your new role and what will your primary focus be?

Officially, my title is Head of Sitecore. It is my job to ensure that we continue to be at the very front of cutting-edge technology, when it comes to Sitecore. I was expecting Nodes’ sitecore capabilities to be at a high level and honestly, I’m blown away by the professionalism and dedication I’ve met so far by my new team members.

At the moment we’ll especially be focusing on Sitecore Experience Commerce, Content Hub, JSS and PowerBI advising our clients on features and possibilities Sitecore brings to their business. The potential for companies to utilise their data in new and profitable ways throughout different channels are massive if implemented correctly.

Which type of companies are most likely to benefit from using Sitecore?

When it comes to Sitecore, large enterprises that hold tons of customer data will benefit tremendously from the Sitecore platform. Every company interested in delivering an omnichannel experience will benefit from this CMS system. The ability to deliver targeted content throughout the digital channels with tailored messaging to different target groups based on the data that the company already has will result in a better and more personal experience for the customers. And in times like these, understanding your data and the insights it provides for creating personal and relevant experiences with customers still yields a competitive advantage.

Another company type that will benefit from the Sitecore platform are those who hold a high level of content creation and -management. By having it all tied up in the Sitecore portfolio, employees across the content production find it a lot easier to manage the content and content distribution throughout different marketing strategies into different channels etc. resulting in a more effective and structured workforce.

Looking into the crystal ball, what will be the next great feature/product in Sitecore?

Sitecore is focusing heavily on Sitecore SaaS (with planned release during this summer) and Sitecore AI – and for good reasons. Regarding Sitecore AI, this will be a game changer for companies using Sitecore because it will help those organisations to better understand how to position content to their visitors and to better utilize the data that they already have.

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You’ve been chosen as a Sitecore MVP seven years in a row – How did you manage to maintain it?

First of all, it is fantastic to be part of the Sitecore community. I’ve been lucky to work with inspiring and talented people during all my +14 years as a Sitecore consultant and have learned a lot from my fellow Sitecore specialist over the years. My first 6 years were as a Sitecore technical MVP and for 2020 as Ambassador MVP. Being a part of the community with sharing knowledge through blog posts, Sitecore User groups, a part of the organizer group for SugDK (Sitecore User Group Denmark) and SUGCON EU (Sitecore User Group Conference Europe) is a high motivation for me and a source for inspiration, gaining knowledge and strive for being in front of cutting-edge with the Sitecore platform.

Rasmus K. Mortensen

Group 11 - Q&A with Rasmus K. Mortensen


Head of Sitecore | EMEA

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Previous employment

CEO Knowit Experience Danmark
CTO Knowit Experience Danmark
Team manager DIS/PLAY / AKQA

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MSc, Business Administration and Computer Science

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