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ServerSide.swift Q&A about the upcoming conference

ServerSide.swift Q&A about the upcoming conference

ServerSide.swift is the first server-side conference focused on Swift. Among the creators of the conference are Steffen Sommer and Martin Lasek, two Nodes employees.

We asked them about the background for the upcoming conference, and what people that attend can expect from it.


Nodes: Congratulations on announcing the conference. Can you give the readers a short introduction to what the conference is?

T/S/M: Thanks a lot, we’re super excited about the conference. Yes, so the conference is a 3-day conference with a focus on server-side Swift.

The intention behind the conference is to be “framework-agnostic”, meaning that the conference is not focused on one particular framework, for example, Kitura, Perfect or Vapor.

We want speakers and attendees that work with all the different frameworks to attend the conference.

We’re also trying to balance the skill level a bit as we know that a conference like this attracts people with very different skill levels.

It can be anything from an iOS developer who has never touched server-side Swift to a core member of one of the frameworks.


Nodes: Why did you decide to host the conference in Berlin?

T/S/M: That’s a good question. So, we’re all based in Europe. Tim is in Manchester, Martin is in Berlin and Steffen is in Copenhagen which meant that we knew that we wanted to keep it in Europe.

We had a bunch of cities up for discussion and at some point, we almost decided to have it in Barcelona since nobody is located in that city.

Organizing a conference is a lot of work and to make sure we could make this conference a blast, we decided to pick Berlin since Martin is located there and that could help us out. It’s also centrally located in Europe and cheap to get to from all over.


Nodes: How will the structure of the conference be? How many talks and workshops can we expect?

T/S/M: Right now, we’re working with having one day for workshops and two days for talks. The schedule is still being worked out while we plan together with the speakers and while trying to lock down a venue in Berlin.


Nodes: What about server-side Swift in general – what is the state of that area currently?

T/S/M: Server-side Swift has quietly been picking up popularity and we think 2018 will be the year where server-side Swift really takes off. We are seeing more and more companies pick it up and the popularity is growing.

Books are starting to come out, big sites like are doing tutorials and to top it all off, Apple released SwiftNIO. With the enthusiasm, we’ve seen from the conference we think server-side Swift is only going to grow and grow.

There are still some things to work on, such as ABI stability and a concurrency model in Swift but the growth has been exponential.

Skærmbillede 2018 05 14 kl. 10.14.23 300x300 - ServerSide.swift Q&A about the upcoming conferenceNodes: Can you talk a little a bit about you and why you decided to organize this conference?

T/S/M: We’ve all been very active in the server-side Swift community, especially the Vapor community, since the beginning. Tim is the lead author of the upcoming Vapor book from Ray Wenderlich which he is writing with the Vapor core team.

Steffen has been leading the Vapor team here at Nodes where they have been focusing on delivering customer solutions made in Vapor for almost a year and a half.

Martin has been doing a lot of Vapor development in his spare time and recently joined Nodes in Berlin.

We met each other through the community and after we’ve been running Vapor meetups in London and Berlin, we thought that it was time for a more full-scale event.


Nodes: How has the interest so far? Are people liking the idea of a conference like this?

T/S/M: The interest we’ve had in the conference has been amazing. When we first thought about running the conference we set up a website for people to register their interest.

We were expecting a hundred or so responses but we had over 500 sign-ups within the first few days and it’s still going up.

The enthusiasm has been out of the world so we’re excited to put on a conference to match!


Nodes: When will it possible to buy tickets?

T/S/M: Our goal is to have tickets ready in beginning or mid of May. We’re still trying to secure the venue and some more sponsors before we have the final ticket price in place.


Nodes: Anything else you would like to mention for the readers?

T/S/M: A big high five from us to all the people that have supported the conference and to Nodes, Skelpo, and JetBrains who are sponsoring the conference.

We can’t wait to meet all the people in the community in Berlin in September. If you want to stay up to date on what we’re working on, you can sign up for our newsletter on our website.

If you want more information about the conference, check out the official website here: