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Sitecore 9 List Manager Guide

Sitecore 9 List Manager Guide

Interactive guide for Sitecore list manager rules

To help marketers get the most out of the List manager in Sitecore 9, Implicit has created a handy, interactive reference tool list segmentation rules. This interactive tool, below, lists all the out of the box (OOTB) personalization rules that you see when you open the List Manager in Sitecore 9.

Using this tool, you will gain insights such as:

  • Which list segmentation rules provide the most business value?
  • What are the possibilities for segmentation based on response behavior in combination with explicit contact data?
  • Which list segmentation rules work with Sitecore Email Experience Manager?

If you have questions about this tool or using the List Manager in Sitecore, feel free to contact or @chrisnash. Find our Interactive Personalization Guide here.

You can open the List Manager Guide in full screen using this link.

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