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How can I make an app myself?

How can I make an app myself?

There are quite a few free app makers out there, and a quick Google search should easily reveal the more popular ones. Most of these work fine for a very simple application – but they’re all different in how they work – some are drag and drop, while others are designed for coding simple what […]

How to make URLComponents your new best friend

When writing mobile apps, more often than not we have to communicate with a backend to get some data to present to the user. The shared language between frontend and backend is usually URLs combined with either a POST body or maybe some URL query parameters, depending on what the backend offers. In this post […]

App accelerators keep users hooked

The competition in the mobile app industry gets bigger and bigger so we have to deliver better and better apps to keep the users hooked. Extra niceness goes a long way in user retention and introducing app accelerators is a great example because it’s not just about looks it’s also about functionality. We all know […]

Custom Gesture Recognizers you can define yourself

If you want to implement a gesture that is not already provided by Apple you can customise your own. However, they recommend using the standard gestures because users are already familiar with them, so take some time to consider if a custom gesture is the right way to go. Custom gestures are usually more present […]

How UIGestures make your app more user friendly

Gestures are the magic behind those accelerators that can make your app more user friendly. We will now show a few examples on how to implement them in your code. Swipe Gestures You can have many accelerators build with the swipe gesture as it is discrete and you can have many combinations as you can […]

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