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Why do a Tech-review of an existing app?

Why do a Tech-review of an existing app?

Bugs and slow performance are the number one reason why apps get deleted. 62% of users uninstall an app if they experience crashes or errors, and users are unforgiving when it comes to bad user experience, which is why we at Nodes focus on high quality apps. Digital products constantly surface on the market and mobile experience is constantly evolving. If your app does not evolve along with the market, it will quickly become outdated.

“Poor reviews are the number one reason (39% of the time) people do not download a particular app.”

Nodes offers a full tech review of your app to make sure it is performing well and working on newer devices and operating systems. The output of this work is to get a status of your app from both a technical and user point of view.

1. Functionality testing

We conduct explorative functionality tests of the most-used iOS and Android devices. All tests are done on real hardware devices as compatibility testing is essential with such a big variety on the market. Nodes have more than 100 different test devices, which cover more than 97% of the top 20 most used devices across the markets in Europe.

We are closely following release presentations from the major mobile brands such as Samsung, Huawei, HTC and Apple. When new devices from these companies are released, we analyze the market-share potential and pre-order new devices if necessary to make sure we test your apps on devices before they are available to users.

2. App review analysis

Since app reviews and ratings are a major factor on whether users downloads your app or not, an analysis of app reviews is needed. When the analysis is completed, the results will be compared to other apps in the same sector.

3. Test review

A full review of the app functionality and an app review analysis. The review includes:

  • Test result analysis including information about tested devices, OS and OS versions
  • List with recommended improvements for each platform
  • App review analysis and app rating sector comparison
  • At Nodes we never see a project as done. Changes will continue in the future and new platforms, operating systems, and devices will follow for years to come. We offer proactive monitoring as part of our testing and reviewing process to cover market changes, and to continue to improve the quality and user experience of your app.


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