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The 6 Best Mobile Events in London

The London Tech scene is booming with meetups and events. We made a short list with events and meetups that are valuable for people interested in the mobile industry and app development.

1. Mobile Insights
The mobile insights masterclass by lets be brief in collaboration with Kirsty Styles will be a good place to get started. The event will give you a broad overview of the huge mobile opportunities and tips & tricks on everything from design to mobile commerce.

  • Date: 24th of March
  • Price: £25

2. Mobile Commerce UK
There is no doubt about the importance of mobile commerce. If you want to be totally up to date, go to Mobile Moves by Ecommerce UK. With an impressive list of speakers this a must for everyone that wants to seize the mobile opportunities and grow their non-store sales.

  • Date: 3rd of April
  • Price: £20

3. Mobile Learning
If you are interested in educational mobile apps, go to mobile learning. The meetup has some interesting speakers and it is a great location to meet other people focused on this area.

  • Date: 13th of March
  • Price: Free

4. Appsjunction
Appsjunction is focused on app entrepreneurs, it is great event to find out more about startups. Network with people that also have interesting ideas and exchange thoughts.

  • Date: 24th of March
  • Price: Free

5. Android App Hardening
The security of your Android app is very important because it’s an open platform. At Android App Hardening you can learn more about the security of your app. But you will need to have a basic understanding of developing for Android.

  • Date: 19th of March
  • Price: Free

6. M2M World Congress
A huge Machine 2 Machine conference focussing on automotive, healthcare, retail, and many other industries. If you want to hear the opinion of the leaders in the technology world this is the place to be. With speakers from Cisco, Telefonica, Orange and other industry leading companies.

  • Date: 24th and 25th of April
  • Price: £750 (early bird)

Other meetups in the mobile industry
There are a lot of meetups focused on startups and investment in the mobile industry. We wrote down a couple of them that are interesting for meeting entrepreneurs, developers, and investors.

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