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The unsung heroes in a digital transformation process

The unsung heroes in a digital transformation process

There are many ways to view a digital transformation process. And this year at the From Business to Buttons conference in Stockholm we were presented a new perspective to it. Jared Spool, a renown UX expert, who among many things have started the user experience design school Center Centre.

A UX Design maturity model for individuals, organisation and markets

Jared was the keynote speaker and he presented a UX Design maturity model for individuals, organisation and markets. The organisational maturity model was interesting for us as it not only explains where on the maturity ladder you are placed. But it also gives you an indication for how to move the organisation to the next maturity level in regards to creating exceptional user experiences for the users of your products and services.

Jared Spool defined the organisational growth stages as follows:
Model 1 - The unsung heroes in a digital transformation process

From disaster to a seamless personalised experience

Jared Spool used the Disney Parks and Resorts team as an example of a company that have gone through all the growth stages. In 1997 the team launched a horrendous website for the Disneyland Theme Parks. It was so badly designed and executed that the users of the website would end up booking hotel rooms in the wrong theme parks. However, the team developed over years and move from one growth stage to another. And in 2014 the Disney MagicBand was launched by the team. The band gives the users a personalised and seamless experienced throughout your stay at the parks. An case example is that if a child has its birthday whilst in the park the favourite Disney figure of the child is alerted and will personally come to wish the child happy birthday.
Image 1 - The unsung heroes in a digital transformation process
As you can see in the model below Jared Spool related the organisational maturity model to the market maturity model to explain that only when organisation is highly positioned on the UX Design ladder is it ready to win in the mature markets. As a business executive this model explains the state of your organisation and the market that you are operating in.
Model 2 - The unsung heroes in a digital transformation process

Successful companies have the courage to push for the next stage

At Nodes we experience clients from all stages on the growth model. We experience brave and intelligent business executives that understands it too, and who are willing to take the risk on themselves to do what is needed bring the organisation, the services and products towards the next stages of the growth model. Especially in the early stages these business executives will meet opposition to get their initiatives through. But they push on anyway knowingly that if they fail the worst case scenario is that they lose their jobs. We see ourselves as a trusted partner and a rocket booster for our clients. We help them structure and execute the initiatives and projects. But at the end of the day. They are the unsung heroes of the digital transformation processes that their organisation is undergoing. They truly believe in their work and that the digital transformation is inevitable to stay competitive.
So hat’s off to these folks! If you’re one of them feel free to ping us if you want to learn about how we can help you.
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