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M-Commerce is the next generation E-Commerce

34% of shopping trips include mobile
The integration of digital and physical spaces is part of the demands of modern shoppers. The latest surveys show that 34% of shopping trips now include mobile, which means that shopping in stores is also an online experience. With the use of mobile apps, it is possible for companies to integrate digital and physical spaces, which allows the customer to enjoy the best of both shopping experiences.

This report identifies 6 global M-Commerce trends
In this report, we have gathered 40 apps from companies operating in different parts of the retail industry. Through studying hundreds of apps, we came across various trends, which we will elaborate on in this report. It is clear, that companies are quickly adapting to new technologies and implementing advanced features to differentiate themselves in the market.

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Want to know which M-Commerce trends are dominating the market?

3 key questions we answer in this report

Exploit possibilities

How can retailers exploit the many possibilities mobile and apps offer, when customers expect online advantages, when entering the store?

Integrate Digital and Physical

How is it possible for companies to integrate digital and physical spaces?

6 Global Trends

How do other companies unfold the top six trends acknowledged in this report?

M-Commerce has risen
900% in four years

The transaction value of global m-commerce is exponentially rising. In the last four years, from 2014 to 2018, the transaction value has grown 900%. Research shows, that it will continue to grow.

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We run through the six global trends, that we have discovered through our research of hundreds of apps within the retail industry, and look at how companies are using the different trends. If you want to see the whole report.

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