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Why you should attend the Server-Side Swift Conference 19′ – A Q&A with one of the Founders

Why you should attend the Server-Side Swift Conference 19′ – A Q&A with one of the Founders

IMG 2287 - Why you should attend the Server-Side Swift Conference 19' - A Q&A with one of the Founders

1) With a little more than two months to the conference, we are getting closer. The programme is almost set, can you put a few words on the speaker lineup?

It’s important for us to have the major frameworks represented in the speaker lineup while at the same time having talks touching upon server-side Swift but without necessarily using any of the bigger frameworks. In general, we favour a lineup with a good variety of talks spanning across subjects and experience level. This year we also put more effort into ensuring a good amount of diversity in our speaker line-up as this is important to us. We’re super excited about how the line-up turned out and we look so much forward to welcome speakers from companies such as Apple, Amazon, Vapor, IBM/Kitura, Cloudinary and many more.

2) What are you looking forward to the most?

The atmosphere. It was very terrifying and exciting at the same time to organize a conference for the first time last year. Everything went above our expectations and it was amazing to just observe and sense the good vibes going on during the days of the conference. We deeply hope that we’re able to create surroundings for a similar atmosphere this year. To do that, we’re really looking forward to having the conference at BLOX in Copenhagen. It’s not the typical conference venue and with a location in central Copenhagen with a view to the canals from the conference room, we hope to give attendees an amazing experience.

3) Who should participate and why?

I think the conference can attract multiple audiences. The typical attendee is a developer coming from iOS who might have or is about to dip their toes into server-side Swift development. There’s also the backend people, some actually doing server-side Swift every day, but also developers working with other backend technologies who are simply just interested in this fairly new space. People should attend the conference if they’re interested in this exciting and growing space. It might not be that you’re necessarily looking for a new server-side technology, but it’s good to have server-side Swift on the radar anyway. This conference aims to gather as many of the central players within the field to give attendees a great possibility to network and to get a sense on how the community is going forward.

4) Can you share a little about the venue and the surrounding area of the conference?

So BLOX will be this year’s venue. The building is only a little bit over a year old and it’s located right in the middle of the city on Copenhagen’s waterfront and it’s offering some amazing views. It’s a hub for Danish architecture with exhibitions and events going on all the time. Attendees of ServerSide.swift will experience a venue that might be a bit different than the typical conference venue as we will be part of the everyday life of BLOX, meaning that there will be exhibitions going on during the conference which are open to the public. All attendees are more than welcome to stroll through the building and have a look at the exhibitions during the conference.

5) Obviously, people attending are primarily there for the speaks, talks and workshops during the day. Secondly socialising, what can you say about the social/networking activities?

That’s a good question and it’s something we’ve discussed a lot this year. Last year we had an Apple streaming event and a drinks gathering organized by SwiftEngine. This year, we’re trying to put in some more effort in planning social activities during the days and that’s where Olivia, our event coordinator for this year, has been of great help to us. We hope to be able to reveal some more details on the schedule in the upcoming weeks.




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